What is Team Member Fundraising? 🧑‍🤝‍🧑

Team member fundraising allows you to have unlimited individuals or “Team Members” join your campaign to help you fundraise towards a common goal. Givebutter makes it super easy for team members to get credit for donations by generating a custom link for each member after joining the campaign. Any donations made on a Team Member's trackable link will automatically get tracked back to them. Donors will also have the option to assign a donation to a specific team member to ensure credit goes to the appropriate party.

Pro tip: Team Fundraising on Givebutter is what’s often referred to as “Peer-to-Peer Fundraising” by many folks in the nonprofit industry. If you are simply looking to add other Users to your Account, you'll find instructions here.

How do I add Team Members?

1. Invite via Email

  • Navigate to the TEAM tab of your Campaign, and select the ADD TEAM MEMBER button.


  • Add the email(s) you'd like to invite

2. Invite via a shareable link (URL)

  • Navigate to the TEAM tab of your Campaign, and select the “Add Team Member” button.

  • Copy the share link and send it out any way you like.

an arrow points to a shareable URL

3. Allow Team Members to join via the public FUNDRAISE button

This will allow individuals to join your fundraiser directly from the Campaign.

  • To enable/disable this option, navigate to the TEAM tab of your Campaign.


  • Then toggle on or off the Enable Public "Fundraise" Button toggle

    • You can also change the text of the button from this page as well, just below that

screenshot of the enabling toggle

Sending Team Member reminders

You can easily send email reminders to anyone that you invited via email from the TEAM tab. You can only send one reminder per 24-hour period, but it's an incredibly effective way to make sure you stay on top of people who haven't yet joined your group.

In the TEAM tab, click MORE OPTIONS in the upper right-hand corner of the screen, and scroll to the bottom of the page where it says “Pending Invitations”. Hit the button that says SEND REMINDERS to send a friendly reminder to join your campaign.

an arrow points to the send reminders button

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