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How to invite team members to join a campaign
How to invite team members to join a campaign

Team members can be added manually or invited to join your Page or Event campaigns.

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What is team member fundraising? 🧑‍🤝‍🧑

Team member fundraising, also called peer-to-peer fundraising, allows individuals to join your campaign and help you fundraise towards a common goal, as one entity. Team members can receive credit for donations by sharing their custom link, and any donations made will automatically be credited to them. Without using the link, donors still also have the option to assign a donation to a specific team member, to ensure credit goes to the correct party.

If you are looking to add users (admins or editors) to your account, please see our guide on managing users – team members do not have account access!

Team members vs. multi-team

Team member fundraising, or peer-to-peer fundraising is just that – fundraising among peers. There are no larger teams that team members are part of. If you want to add teams to organize or categorize your team members, please see our guide on multi-team fundraising!

Inviting team members

There are a few different ways you can invite team members to your campaign, depending on the option most convenient for you.

Share link 🔗

  • Go to your campaign's Team tab, and click Add Team Members.

  • The first option displayed is your share link – just copy the URL, and share it online!

share link

Email invite ✉️

  • Go to your campaign's Team tab, and click Add Team Members.

  • Click Invite by email, enter the email addresses of the Team Members you'd like to invite (separated by commas) and click Send Invites.

invite by email
  • Prospective team members will be sent the following email:

example email invitation

Public button on the campaign page 💻

  • To enable or disable this option, go to your campaign's Team tab.

  • Click More Options on the right side.

  • Toggle the Enable Public "Fundraise" Button option on or off.

enable public fundraise button

You can also change the text that displays on the Fundraise button using the text box located right below this setting. Alternatives include "Join a Team" or "Join & Fundraise".

team members and fundraise button

What about adding them manually? ✏️

You can also add team members manually, but because no invite is sent, the team member won't have a Givebutter login, and cannot edit their information, or add a bio. This works best if your team members don't need to manage their own information.

add manually

Sending team member reminders ⏰

You can easily send email reminders to anyone that you invited via email from the campaign's Team tab. You can only send one reminder per 24-hour period.

  • On the Team tab, click More Options on the right side of the screen.

more options tab
  • Scroll to Pending Invitations, which is located near the bottom of the page.

  • Hit the button that says Send Reminders to send a friendly reminder to join your campaign.

pending invitations section

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