How to manage account users

Learn about user permissions, as well as how to add, edit or delete users with admin or editor status.

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Users are the administrators and editors who manage Givebutter accounts. Admins can access everything on an account, and editors have restricted access. You can add as many users to an account as you like – we do not limit the number of users you can add to a single account! You can also view a full list of access permissions for admins and editors.

Team members (individual fundraisers on a specific campaign) are not account users as they do not have access to your dashboard – check out our collection of team-related articles!

admin versus editor

Adding a user ➕

  • Navigate to the Account tab in the left-hand menu bar and select Users.

  • Type the new user’s email into the invite box.

  • Select Admin or Editor from the drop-down menu.

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  • Press Send Invite. This will send an email invitation to the new user so they can join the account. 🤗

Invitations are good for 72 hours. Under the list of active users, you will see a list of pending invitations. If you need to re-invite someone, just enter their email address and send a new invite.

Changing a user's role 🔃

  • Go to the Account tab on the left sidebar menu.

  • Select Users from the lefthand sidebar menu.

  • Click the drop-down next to the user’s name that shows their current role.

  • Select the role you’d like them to have. The user will not be notified of any changes.

example of changing roles

Warning: If you change yourself from an admin to an editor, you will not be able to change yourself back!

Deleting a user 🗑

  • Go to the Account tab on the left sidebar menu.

  • Select Users from the lefthand sidebar menu.

  • Click the trash button on the right side to delete a user.

an arrow points to the trash icon

Admin access permissions 🔒

Full access to the entire account:

  • All Account Settings, including:

    • Integrations

    • Users (including adding new users)

    • Imports

  • Campaigns

  • Contacts

  • Transactions

  • Recurring Plans

  • Tickets

  • Engage

  • Payouts

  • Adding offline donations

Editor access permissions 📝

No access to:

  • Payouts or any account billing information

  • Users

  • Integrations

  • Imports

Limited access to:

  • Account Settings - no access to Users, Integrations, or Imports pages

  • Campaigns - can create and edit campaigns but cannot delete

  • Recurring Plans – can view but cannot cancel plans

  • Contacts – cannot archive or delete contacts

  • Auctions - cannot extend an auction

Full access to:

  • Transactions

  • Tickets

  • Engage

  • Adding offline donations

  • Adding campaign updates


I sent an invite to someone, but they weren't added to the account.

This can happen if you send an invite to a new user and accept the invite from the same computer without logging out first. Send a new user invite, then open the invite link in a new, incognito/private browser window.

I don't have access to the Payouts page, or I'm getting a 401 error.

You're probably an editor! Only admins can access this. You'll need to either request that they change you to an admin or access the Payouts page themselves.

I somehow changed myself to an editor, but this is my account!

Please contact our support team! If we can see that you created the account, we should be able to change you back to an admin.

I have a personal profile on a specific campaign. Am I a user?

No, you're a team member! You don't have access to any account settings, but you can manage your personal team member page.

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