How to manage your personal user profile

Update your profile picture, email, name, team member campaign URL, recurring plans, and password from your user profile.

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Your user profile is your personal home page. Any user on Givebutter can be a member of multiple accounts and a team member on multiple campaigns. Having a user profile means that you can be part of multiple accounts without managing multiple logins – you'll use the same Givebutter login for everything on the platform.

Wondering if you have a user profile? If you have a Givebutter login (email + password for Givebutter) as an account admin/editor, a team member on a specific campaign, or an auction bidder, you have a user profile!

Accessing your user profile πŸ”

To access your personal user profile, make sure you're logged in and head to the My Profile link. You can also click your icon in the top right corner of any Givebutter account or campaign you're part of, and select My Profile from the dropdown.

my profile

User profile vs. account dashboard

  • User profile: The URL on your user profile is "". This page says My Profile at the top and does not have a sidebar on the left.

  • Dashboard: The URL on an account dashboard is formatted like this: "". This page has a black sidebar on the left, with headings including Transactions, Contacts, and Payouts.

Updating your profile ✍

update your profile

Editing your profile photo πŸ“·

  • To upload a new profile photo, click Upload beneath your photo. We recommend using a square photo with a maximum size of 1 MB.

  • To crop, rotate, or crop your existing photo, click the pencil icon on the photo.

Editing profile information πŸ‘€

  • Click Edit Profile to change your first and last name, email used for your login, and phone number.

  • To change the slug (or ending of the campaign URL/link) used for your team member page on campaigns, you can edit your personal Fundraising URL.

Editing your phone number πŸ“±

  • Click Edit Phone to change your phone number for two-factor authentication purposes.

  • You may be prompted to confirm your previous phone number before entering a new one.

Information entered on your user profile is kept private, with the exceptions of your name and profile photo, which are shown on campaigns you're a team member on. You can set a unique display name for team member purposes if you don't want to display the name used on your personal user profile.

Changing your password πŸ”’

  • Click Change password to enter a new password. You will be prompted to enter your current password before you can change it.

  • If you want to change your password, but you don't know your current password, you can still reset it! Follow the reset instructions for if you are currently logged in.

Your Givebutter accounts πŸ’»

In the My Accounts section, you'll find a list of accounts you're part of, either as an admin or an editor. Each account will be shown here, along with your current user role for the account. Click on an account to be taken to the account dashboard.

Creating a new account βž•

Click New Account to add a brand new account to your user login. You'll use the same login details to log into your accounts.

To swap between accounts within your dashboard, click on the grey dropdown arrow in the top left corner (from any account). Choose the account you'd like to switch to, or create a new account.

an arrow points to the dropdown

Campaigns you've joined as a team member πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘¦

In the section called Campaigns I'm fundraising for, you'll find the campaigns you've joined as a team member. Clicking on one of these campaigns will take you to the main campaign page.

To find your individual team member URL for a campaign, go to the main campaign page and click on your team member image.

team member

Your recurring plans πŸ”„

If linked to your profile, your active and canceled recurring donations will appear under the Recurring Gifts section. You can edit, cancel, or pause a recurring donation by clicking Manage on the right side of any plan.

recurring gifts in user profile

Your recurring plan may not be linked to your profile automatically – for example, if you created it under a different email address or created it while logged out. You can link existing recurring plans at any time.

Saved payment methods πŸ’³

Under Payment Methods, you can update, delete, or add new saved card details. Payment methods listed here will be saved for use on recurring plans or as entered when you registered to bid in an auction.

edit payment methods

Viewing payment history and receipts 🧾

Under Payment History, you'll find a list of your past transactions on Givebutter.

Please note that only recurring plan payment history will be shown. One-time donations will not be listed here.

To view or print a past receipt, click View Receipt next to the desired transaction. You can then view and download PDF receipts from your previous donations. These are the same receipts sent to you via email when the transaction was processed.

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