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How to enable multi-team and team member fundraising
How to enable multi-team and team member fundraising

Enable, edit, and manage peer-to-peer fundraising

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What is team fundraising? 🧑‍🤝‍🧑

Team fundraising on Givebutter is often referred to as “Peer-to-peer fundraising” by many in the nonprofit industry. Team member fundraising can be used on all page and event campaigns.

Team members are people participating in your campaign – they are not admins, and do not have access to your dashboard. If you're looking to add or manage account admins or editors, please read our article about managing account users.

Multi-team vs. team member fundraising 🤔

What's the difference between multi-team and team member fundraising? The team part!

  • Multi-team fundraising has teams that also include individual team members.

  • Team member fundraising only allows individual team members to join your campaign.

Examples of multi-team fundraisers 🏆

  • School classrooms or grade levels – ideal for organizing students (team members) in different classes (teams)

grade level multi teams
  • Corporate challenges – ideal for organizing staff participants (team members) in different companies (teams)

Examples of team member fundraisers 👪

  • Community groups – ideal for viewing a leaderboard of individuals (team members) towards one common fundraising goal

individual team members
  • Sports and extra-curricular teams –  ideal for viewing a leaderboard of individuals (team members) towards one common fundraising goal

Enable team member fundraising 💡

When you create a new Page or Event campaign, you'll see a Team tab located at the top of your campaign manager. Click on the Team tab, then click Enable Team Fundraising.

This will add a Team Members section to your public campaign page. You can join the campaign yourself, or invite members to join!

Add team members ➕

Enable multi-team fundraising 💡

  • Navigate to the desired campaign and click on the Team tab.

  • Click on Manage Teams.

  • Click on the blue button that says Enable Multi-Team Fundraising.

Additional multi-team settings ⚙️

Navigate to the Team tab, and then More Options. From here, you can enable or disable multi-team fundraising (this will not remove your team members, it will just revert the campaign to the team member format), allow users to create their own teams, and limit the number of members per team.

multi-team fundraising settings

If you toggle Allow Fundraisers to Create New Teams to the off position, you'll want to create teams manually before inviting anyone to join, since those invited will not be able to create and name their own teams.

Manually create teams ➕

From the Team tab, select Manage Teams and then click Create New Team.

create new team popup

Once a team has been made (either by a team member or an account admin), only account admins can change the team name, goal, or logo or delete the team.

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