What is team fundraising? 🧑‍🤝‍🧑

Team Fundraising on Givebutter is often referred to as “Peer-to-Peer Fundraising” by many in the nonprofit industry. Team member fundraising can be used on all page and event campaigns. If you're looking to add or manage account admins or editors, please read our article about managing account users.

What's the difference between multi-team and team member fundraising?

The team part.
Multi-team fundraising has teams that also include individual team members.
Team member fundraising only allows individual team members to join your campaign.

Examples of multi-team fundraisers:

classroom example
pulling for honor example

Examples of team member fundraisers:

dance team

How to enable team member fundraising

Team member fundraising is automatically enabled when you create a new page or event campaign. Whoever creates the campaign will automatically be added as the first team member.

How to add and invite team members

Allow Team Members to join via the public "Fundraise" button

  • To turn on the public fundraise button, go to the Team tab then click on More Options.

  • Toggle on the option next to Enable Public "Fundraise" Button.

  • Customize your button text in the next field Custom Fundraise Button Text.

  • Remember to Save!

an arrow points to more options

Invite team members through your Givebutter dashboard

Click on the Team tab, then click Add Team Members. You'll see a popup screen with three options for inviting individuals to join your campaign as team members.

numbered steps

1. Invite via a shareable link (URL)

Click Share link. Copy the link and share it anywhere you like. This link is slightly different than your regular campaign link and will automatically start the team member sign-up process when clicked.

sign up screen

2. Invite by email

Click Invite by email. Add email addresses (multiple email addresses can be separated by commas). Click Send Invites. Pending invitations will show under the More Options tab and you can send reminders or delete invitations from there.

arrows point to send reminders and trash can icon

3. Add a team member manually (special case)

Click Add manually. Add an image, display name, and goal. Click Create and add another or Create and close.

manually add a team member

👉 Note: If you decide to add team members manually, they will not be able to update their individual page information themselves. You will be the only person who can change their image, name, or goal, and you will need to provide their individual page link to them.

How to enable multi-team fundraising the first time

  • Navigate to the desired campaign and click on the Team tab.

  • Click on Manage Teams

  • Click on the blue button that says Enable Multi-Team Fundraising

Additional Multi-team settings

Navigate to the Team tab, and then More Options. From here, you can enable or disable multi-team fundraising, allow users to create their own teams, and limit the number of members per team.

multi-team fundraising settings

If you toggle off Allow Fundraisers to Create New Teams, then you'll want to create teams manually before inviting anyone to join.

Create teams manually from your dashboard

From the Team tab, select Manage Teams and then click Create New Team.

create new team popup

👉 Note: Once a team has been made (either by a team member or an account Admin), only account Admins can change the team name, goal, or logo or delete the team.

Sending team member reminders

You can only send one reminder per 24-hour period, but it's an incredibly effective way to make sure you encourage people who haven't yet joined your group.

In the Team tab, click More Options in the upper right-hand corner of the screen, and scroll to the bottom of the page where it says “Pending Invitations”. Hit the button that says Send Reminders to send a friendly reminder to join your campaign.

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