How to use registration fundraising

Allow participants to sign up for your campaign and complete a transaction in the same checkout flow

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What is registration fundraising? 🎟️

Registration fundraising combines the ticket purchase flow and team member sign-up flow into one process. This is used when organizations need supporters to join as team members and purchase a ticket/registration (and/or pay a minimum donation). Registration fundraising can be manually enabled by our team on any page or event campaign.

Registration fundraising is a manual request, and can take 1-2 weeks to complete setting up — please prepare ahead of time if this is a feature you would like to use!

You can use registration fundraising for team fundraising (team members) or multi-team (team members on multiple teams). If you are using registration fundraising with multi-team, you can require a registrant to join an existing team via registration fundraising, or allow them to create their own team. Registration fundraising will not impact your ability to collect donations as usual – there will still be a donation button on your campaign page.

Per-ticket custom fields are not currently compatible with registration fundraising. To collect additional, custom information from your registrants, please use campaign custom fields instead.

Team member fundraising vs. registration fundraising

  • Team member fundraising – Participants can join the campaign to receive credit for donations, but they are not required to pay a registration fee to join. When you join the campaign as a team member, or complete a donation/ticket purchase, the process will appear in a pop-up window on the campaign page directly.

team member fundraising signup
  • Registration fundraising – Participants can join the campaign to receive credit for donations, with the added option of collecting a registration payment or ticket purchase for joining the campaign, in the same signup flow. The registration fundraising signup and checkout flow is completed on a separate page, which redirects to the campaign page when complete.

registration fundraising

Enabling registration fundraising ⚙️

Registration fundraising is not yet a self-serve feature, but our team is happy to enable it upon request! Your campaign (and registration tickets for the campaign) must already exist.

  • Send our support team a message including the following details:

    • Which campaign you'd like to use registration fundraising on

    • Which tickets you would like to use in the registration flow

    • If there is no specific ticket/registration fee, a minimum donation amount can be used instead. (Minimums can also be set in addition to ticket selection.)

  • There's also a number of optional specifications you can make:

    • Custom field questions (These will apply to all transactions on the campaign. They are not specific to registrants, and will also be asked of donors.)

    • Ticket promo codes

    • Thank you receipt message specific to registrants

    • Suggested fundraising goal for team members

    • Suggested story template for team members

  • Once we receive your request, we will enable registration fundraising for your campaign — please note that this can take 1 to 2 weeks to complete. We will confirm with you once this has been completed.

Add a liability waiver 📝

If you want to add a liability waiver to your registration process, you can add this as a checkbox custom field, with a link to your waiver file – please see our guide to adding HTML in custom fields for instructions. Please note that you will need to host the waiver externally (for example, as a PDF on your own website).

custom field showing a link


Can I activate or enable registration fundraising myself?

At the moment, registration fundraising is not a self-serve feature, and it must be activated by our team for your specific campaign. Please take a look at the active feature request, and add a vote if you would like to be notified when it is available!

During registration, can a team member be credited for the ticket purchase/donation?

The credit automatically goes directly to the person registering. The registrant will not be presented the option to credit the transaction to other team members.

Can I change the text on the "Fundraise" button?

Yes! If you would like your Fundraise button to say something else, like "Join a Team" or "Registration", head to your campaign's Team tab, click More Options, and edit the text under Custom Fundraise Button Text.

registration custom text

Can custom fields/questions be created just for the registration/ticket process?

No, custom fields cannot be made specific to the registration process. They will be displayed to registrants, as well as donors.

Does registration fundraising support multi-team fundraising?

Yes! Registration fundraising supports multi-team fundraising, as well as individual team members.

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