What are Custom Fields?

Custom Fields are additional prompts to collect information from your supporters during checkout. You can utilize Custom Fields on any of our Campaign Types to collect information like company names, dietary preferences, T-Shirt sizes, guest names, classrooms, and more!

Screenshot of an example slide of custom fields

Custom Field Types

We offer a variety of Custom Field types to help you get the data in the format you need.

✏️ Text: A simple text field for collecting short answers

📝 Text box: A large text box for collecting long answers

👇 Dropdown: A dropdown selection with the ability to add custom dropdown values to select from

Checkbox: A simple checkbox

📻 Radio: Radio buttons for selecting a single option from a group

How to add and edit Custom Fields

  • First, navigate to your Givebutter Dashboard.

  • Select your Campaign from the recent Campaign list on the left panel, under Raise.

    • If you don't see it there, you can click ALL CAMPAIGNS to get the full list.

Screenshot of the list under the Raise tab in the Dashboard, which includes an ALL CAMPAIGNS button and a list of the 3 most Recent Campaigns
  • Then click on the TOOLS tab.

  • Scroll down to the Custom Fields section and click NEW CUSTOM FIELD.

  • You can also click the EDIT drop-down menu to edit an existing Custom Field.

  • Or, you can click the (...) icon to delete/archive an existing custom field.

👉 FYI: If you want to change the type of Field (i.e., an empty text field to a radio button), you will need to delete the Custom Field and create a new one.

  • From here, depending on the Field type, fill out the required details, and add any optional ones as necessary. Don't forget to determine if the Field is required or not!

    Screenshot of the paragraph custom field

  • When creating Custom Fields with multiple options, you can remove an option by selecting the red trash can, or add another option by clicking the blue plus sign.

    Screenshot of a multiple answer custom field, and how to delete or add a new option

  • You can also reorder how your Custom Fields appear, by selecting the arrows beside the Custom Field to move it up or down in the order.

Screenshot showing the arrows on the side of the custom fields to change their order of appearance

Custom Field Details

🆒 Title & Description

Each Custom Field can contain a title and description. Descriptions allow the use of links and HTML.

To add a hyperlink, use:

<a href="URL">TEXT</a>

Replace URL with the web address for the link (keep the quotation marks!), and replace TEXT with the text you'd like to appear as a link.

⭐️ Required & Optional Fields

Want to make your Custom Fields required? No problem, we can handle that.

✉️ Email Receipts

Custom Field responses will appear in email receipts to supporters and notifications you receive about supporters.

👨‍💻 Transactions

View Custom Field responses when you click on a Transaction in the Dashboard.

📩 Transactions Export

Custom Fields are included in the Transactions export.

⚡️ Zapier

If you're using Zapier, the Custom Fields in a Zap that includes Transaction data will be sent over as part of the Zap once it's set it up to do so.

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