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How to add Custom Fields to a campaign
How to add Custom Fields to a campaign
Collect additional information from your supporters at the time of checkout.
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Custom Fields are additional prompts to ask questions and collect information from your supporters during checkout on any campaign. Custom Field questions can include text, as well as images and links. You can view and export your Custom Field responses to manage your donor preferences and information.

sample list of available custom field options
  1. Text: A simple text field for collecting short answers

  2. Text box: A larger text box for collecting long answers

  3. Checkbox: A yes/no checkbox

  4. Dropdown: A dropdown menu for selecting a single option from a group of options

  5. Radio: Radio buttons for selecting a single option from a group of options

Adding and editing Custom Fields ✏️

  • On your dashboard, select your campaign from the recent campaign list on the left-hand panel. (If you don't see it, you can click All Campaigns to get the full list.)

select your campaign
  • Click on the campaign's Tools tab.

click the tools tab
  • Scroll down to the Custom Fields section, and click New Custom Field.

click new custom field
  • To edit an existing option, click the Edit menu. Click the [...] icon to delete or archive an existing option. You can reorder how your Custom Fields appear, by clicking the arrows beside the Custom Field to move it up or down.

options for editing an existing custom field

πŸ‘‰ Note: If you want to change the type of field (ie. convert a dropdown menu to a radio button), you will need to delete the option and create a new one.

  • Fill out the title and description, and add selection options as necessary. You can also add clickable links, and determine if this is a required field.

sample new custom field
  • When creating Custom Fields with multiple options, you can remove an option by selecting the red trash can, or add another option by clicking the blue plus sign.

answer options to create or delete

Where to view Custom Field responses πŸ‘€

If you want to check a response from an individual, click on a Transaction on your Transactions page, and scroll to the bottom of the sidebar.

view responses in the transaction

Custom Field responses will also appear in email receipts sent to your supporters, and in the transaction notification emails you receive as an admin.

view responses in the receipt

For responses from all of your supporters (at the end of your campaign, for example), you'll need to run a Transactions export. Custom Field responses are included in this export.

view responses in the CSV transaction export

πŸ‘‰ Note: The Transactions export file contains a lot of columns. You'll need to scroll to the far right side of the file to locate your Custom Field responses. Each Custom Field will have a separate column.

More information about Custom Fields

Adding Links and Images with HTML πŸ”—

Each Custom Field can contain an optional description. Descriptions allow the use of hyperlinks and HTML, which is ideal if you'd like to add a link to a waiver/disclaimer, or an image! To add a hyperlink, use:

<a href="URL">TEXT</a>

Replace URL with the web address for the link (keep the quotation marks), and replace TEXT with the text you'd like to appear as a clickable link. It'll look something like this:

custom field showing a link

You can also add images to the description of a Custom Field, following the same steps outlined in our guide to add images to tickets. To add an image, use:


You'll need to replace the text that says "insert a publicly hosted image link" with a URL to your image. It'll look something like this:

custom field showing an image of a tshirt

πŸ‘‰ Note: You cannot add images in the selectable Custom Field options β€” only the description can host images.

Required / Optional Fields ⭐

If you mark a field as required, all supporters will need to select/complete the custom field before they can continue. Required fields will be marked with a red asterisk. Optional fields can be left blank by supporters.

custom field showing a required field

Zapier and Custom Field Responses ⚑

If you're using Zapier, a Zap that includes Transaction data will also include Custom Fields – this data will be sent over as part of the Zap, once it's set it up to do so.

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