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How to manage automatic receipts and thank you messages
How to manage automatic receipts and thank you messages

Personalize the receipts sent to your supporters and send yourself a test to see an example!

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Givebutter automatically issues emailed receipts after every transaction, including offline donations entered manually. Receipts can be customized with a message at both the account and campaign levels – show your appreciation by making it personal, and providing clear next steps for engaging further.

example thank you message

If you are an admin (or a team member on a campaign), you'll be sent an email notification when someone has submitted a transaction. This email notification is similar to the receipt the donor is sent. If you wish to follow up or thank them additionally, you can reply to the notification email, and your message will be sent directly to the donor!

You must be an admin (not an editor) to receive notification emails. If you are a team member on a campaign, you will only receive notification emails for donations credited specifically to you.

What's in a receipt? 🔎

Thank You Message

A custom message can be added under Account Settings, or in the Settings tab of a specific campaign. A message set at the account level will be the default for all of your campaigns. A message set at the campaign level will only be sent in reference to transactions to that campaign, and it will override an account-level message.

Campaign Information

A section displaying the name of the campaign, funds raised so far, and a direct link to the campaign page. Also includes the team/team member they supported, and any message left by the donor (as applicable).

EIN (for verified nonprofits)

If you're a verified nonprofit organization on Givebutter, a yellow verification badge and your EIN will be displayed below the campaign information.


If the donor submitted their donation in honor of or in memory of someone, this information will be listed, along with the email address of any recipients to be notified by the dedication.

Transaction Summary

Includes reference number, date, payment method, fund designation, contact and billing information, and an itemized summary of what was purchased. If this transaction is a part of a recurring plan, their donation frequency, plan number, and creation date are also listed.

Tickets & Event Details

Included if the purchase included a ticket or is part of an event. Any tickets purchased under the donor's email address will be attached to the email as a PDF. Other tickets will be sent to the email addresses listed on the tickets, as entered by the purchaser during checkout.

Tickets are only sent to email addresses designated during the checkout process. When purchasing tickets, supporters will be prompted to provide contact information for each ticket. The purchaser will not receive the Tickets that were purchased for a different contact/email address. An admin can always resend tickets to a different email address if needed.

Additional Information

If a campaign includes any custom fields, such as t-shirt size, or dietary preferences, answers to these will be included near the bottom of the receipt for the donor's reference. If the questions have been left blank, they will display as [BLANK].

Add a thank you message 🙏

At the account level

At the account level, the same thank you message will be sent to all supporters for all campaigns on your account. Let your organization’s personality shine, but keep it generic enough to acknowledge any contribution.

  • Navigate to your Givebutter dashboard.

  • Click on Account in the bottom left corner.

  • Click on Settings from the drop-down.

  • Choose Thank You Message from the tabs on the left.

  • Add your custom message. You can add raw HTML, but dynamic variables are not supported.

  • Click Save!

account thank you message

At the campaign level

At the campaign level, the same message will be sent to all supporters for this specific campaign. Add a level of personalization by tailoring the message to each campaign’s specific cause.

  • Navigate to your Givebutter dashboard.

  • Select your Campaign from the recent Campaign list on the left panel.

    • If you don't see it there, you can click All Campaigns to get the full list.

  • Click on the Settings tab and scroll down to the Thank You Message section.

  • Add your custom message. You can add raw HTML, but dynamic variables are not supported.

  • Click Save!

campaign thank you message

If you do not set a campaign level message, the account level message will be used instead. The campaign level thank you message overrides the message set at the account level.

Send yourself a test ✉️

Test receipts can only be sent at the campaign level. Navigate to the campaign's Thank You Message using the steps above, and then click Send Yourself a Test, located under the entry box. An automatically-generated receipt will be sent to the email address you are logged in with.


Can I customize a receipt using a donor's name or the amount that they donated?

Merge fields (or dynamic variables) are not supported in thank you messages. Merge fields are currently only available for outbound Engage messages. Keep in mind that a donor's name, amount donated, and other information is already automatically included in the receipt they will receive. Please see the feature request for this option!

What email address do receipts come from?

All receipts are sent from [email protected].

I need to add an offline donation, but I don't want to send the donor a receipt!

No problem! In this case, you can either import your transactions or add them as offline transactions. Imported transactions will not trigger a receipt to the donor. Offline transactions give you the option of sending a receipt – just uncheck the box and no email will be sent.

I sent myself a test receipt, but my thank you message is not appearing.

If your account level message is missing from the receipt you sent as a test, it may be because the campaign level message was added and then deleted. You'll need to add a campaign level message, even if it is the same as the account level message.

Sample receipt 🧾

Here's an example of a full receipt a donor would receive.

example receipt

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