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How to enable and manage dedications (In Honor / In Memory of)
How to enable and manage dedications (In Honor / In Memory of)

Allow donors to dedicate their donations in honor or in memory of someone and optionally notify a recipient.

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Dedications allow donors to dedicate their donation to (or in tribute of) someone special and optionally notify a recipient via email. Donors can choose from two options: In Honor of, or In Memory of.

dedication donation

Enabling dedications ⚙️

  • In your dashboard, click on Account in the left-hand menu, and select Settings.

  • Under the General heading, toggle Dedications (In Honor of / In Memory of) to the on position, and click Save.

Once enabled, dedications will be added as an option on all of your campaigns, including any you create in the future. Check out the donation flow on one of your campaigns to see for yourself, or take a look at a demo campaign.

Enabling dedications on your account will make dedications active across all of your campaigns. If you'd like to disable dedications on a specific campaign, please contact us.

Using dedications ✍️

If dedications are enabled, a checkbox option will be added to the last slide in the checkout process.

checkout process to enter a dedication

If they select the Give in honor/memory option, the donor will:

  • Select between "In Memory Of" or "In Honor Of"

  • Add the honoree's name

  • Optionally add a recipient to receive an email notification. This can be the honoree themselves, a family member, or another recipient you'd like to notify. Below is an example of the recipient email notification:

dedication recipient

Where dedications appear 👀

You can access dedications for your donations by exporting your Transactions – this will result in a CSV (spreadsheet) file where you can see all dedications in a single column. Dedication information also appears in the following places:

Form campaigns

Dedications are not shown publicly on Form campaigns. Dedications will appear in your Transactions page. Click on the specific transaction (do not click on the donor's name – click in the white space next to it) and a sidebar will appear on the right side of the page. The dedication will be in the Message section at the bottom of the sidebar.

Transactions page dedication

Page and Event campaigns

In addition to your Transactions page (as above), dedications on Page and Event campaigns will also display on the campaign's public supporter feed.

dedication donation

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