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Why Givebutter appears on your credit card statement
Why Givebutter appears on your credit card statement
All donations made to fundraising campaigns via the Givebutter platform are displayed on your payment method’s statement as GIVEBUTTER.
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Why is Givebutter showing on my statement? 🤔

If you’ve recently made an online donation and see Givebutter on your statement, the organization you donated to used our platform to raise funds for their cause or event. Don't worry - the funds go directly to the organization you donated to.

The transaction description begins with "GIVEBUTTER" and usually includes part of the Campaign name. However, the full Campaign name may not appear in the charge description due to the character limit. Because of this, you may not recognize the charge. We’re happy to clarify any questions or concerns you have, or if you wish to verify the legitimacy of a charge you've seen on your statement.

On most card statements, the beginning of the Campaign name is usually displayed:

example of Givebutter on a card statement

Your donation will display on your Paypal statement without Campaign information.

example of Givebutter on a Paypal statement


What is Givebutter?

Givebutter is an online fundraising platform that processes donations and other payments for third parties such as nonprofits, businesses, teams, and individuals. Givebutter's name appears on the receipt because we're the payment platform and merchant, but the funds go to the organization.

Can I file a dispute to reclaim funds from charges I don't recognize?

Please contact us before you file a dispute with your bank! We’re happy to locate your transaction and provide you with the campaign information if you aren’t sure what cause you donated to. A dispute can take several months to complete. The fastest way to get a refund is to contact us

Did I get a receipt for this charge?

Every donation made on Givebutter sends an automated receipt to the email address entered at the time of checkout. This receipt details how much you were charged, the campaign you donated to, and the account running the campaign. If you are missing your receipt, please contact us and we’d be happy to resend it to you!

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