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How to resend a transaction receipt
How to resend a transaction receipt

Reissue donation receipts directly to donors from your Transactions page.

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If a donor has misplaced their receipt, you can send them a new one from your dashboard! This will send the receipt to the email address the donor entered when they completed the transaction by default, but you can also send the receipt to a different email address if you like.

  • Head to your Transactions page, located in the left-hand menu on your dashboard.

Transactions page
  • Locate the relevant transaction. You can search for the transaction using the search bar next to the Actions menu (by name, email address, or reference number).

search for transaction
  • Select the the transaction by clicking the white space on the relevant row.

click the white space
  • A sidebar will appear on the right side of the page. Click the three dots [...] in the top right corner, and click Resend Receipt.

resend receipt
  • You can choose to send the receipt to the email address originally entered by the donor, or check the box and enter a new email address to send it to someone else.

This is handy if the donor entered their email address with a typo, for example.

send to another person
  • Click Resend Receipt to send the receipt to the donor.

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