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Collecting payment: What an auction receipt/payment request looks like
Collecting payment: What an auction receipt/payment request looks like

Once an item has been won, it's time to settle the bill πŸ’³

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The way your notifications, payment requests, and receipts appear to bidders depends on how your payment setting are configured.

Auto-Charge ON

  • Registering as a bidder gives the auction manager permission to charge the payment method on file either immediately after each item is won, or cumulatively at the end of the auction.

  • Winners will receive a notification of items won, followed by a transaction receipt.

sample receipt for auto-charge auction

Auto-Charge OFF (Payment Request)

  • Winners will receive a payment request for item(s) won and will need to click the Pay for Items button or link to complete their transaction.

    pay for items example

  • Clicking Pay for Items takes the winner back to Givebutter to complete payment.

payment screen
  • After items are paid for, the winner will receive a transaction receipt.

Auto-Charge OFF + Tips disabled

receipt example with tips off but fees visible
  • If the donor chooses not to cover the fees, the organization will absorb the processing fees. In this case, that means the organization would have $0.61 available to withdraw after fees were covered.

Auto-Charge OFF + Tips disabled + Fees hidden

  • The organization will absorb credit card transaction fees of 2.9% + 30 cents per transaction and a platform fee of 5% per transaction.

receipt example with hidden fees

Offline payments πŸ’΅

We don't yet support offline payments for auction items – please see the feature request for offline auction item payments and add a vote!

To prevent payment request emails from being sent for an item that was paid for in person, you can mark the item as uncollectable. The item will be removed from the winning bidder's list of won items, and the status of the item will change to Unsold.

  • On your Auction tab, click Winning Bids in the sub-menu.

  • On the right side of the relevant item, click the three dots [...] and select Mark uncollectable.

mark uncollectable

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