Auctions can be set up with two different payment schedules. ⏰

screenshot of radio button options for when to collect payment
  • Immediately request payment when an item is won. (Winners pay for each Item as they win them.)

  • Request payment when auction closes. (Winners pay for all the items they've won at the end of the Auction.)

You can also choose to activate auto-charge. πŸ’Έ

screenshot of toggle option for auto-charge

Auto-Charge Payment Method ON

  • Registering as a bidder gives the Auction manager permission to charge the payment method on file either immediately after each item is won, or cumulatively at the end of the Auction.

  • Winners will receive a notification of items won, followed by a transaction receipt.

purchase receipt for auction item

Auto-Charge Payment Method OFF (Payment Request)

  • Winners will receive a payment request for item(s) won and will need to click the PAY FOR ITEMS button to complete their transaction.

    an arrow points to the pay for items button

  • Clicking the Pay for Items link will take the winner back to Givebutter to complete payment.

example of payment screen
  • After items are paid for, the winner will receive a transaction receipt.

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