You can easily toggle an existing Campaign between campaign types if you haven't sold tickets or raised funds.

Making the switch

  1. Navigate to your Dashboard and select the Campaign you’d like to switch to a different type.

2. Click the SETTINGS tab and find the CAMPAIGN TYPE drop-down option.

3. Select the campaign type you'd like to switch to and press Save!

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What happens to my Campaign Story, Event Details, and Tickets?

We know you spend a lot of time designing your Campaign(s) and probably wonder what happens to the hard work you put into the various sections when you switch between Campaign types. Here are the most frequently asked questions, answered:

  • When switching from a Page to a Form Campaign, the Story details are simply hidden from the public and will no longer appear in your Dashboard. If you switch the Campaign type back, the applicable details will reappear. 

  • Switching from an Event? Make sure you delete your tickets first, or you'll experience an error.

  • If you've already sold Tickets for an Event Campaign it's not possible to change the campaign type.

Pro tip: Not sure what kind of Campaign you have? Click on ALL CAMPAIGNS on your left-hand menu bar to see a list of all your Campaigns and their types.

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