What is a Campaign goal?

Your Campaign's goal is the financial amount you're striving for in a Campaign. Both Ticket sales and Donations go towards your Campaign's goal - but Auction bids and purchases do not.

Campaign goals are completely optional - but they are required if you want to show a goal bar on your Campaign.

Screenshot of a goal bar on a campaign page underneath the cover photo.

πŸ‘‰ FYI: General Donation Forms do not show a goal bar, regardless if you set a goal or not.

You can edit your goal at any time! When you have a goal bar on your Event or Fundraising Page Campaigns, percentage announcements will automatically post to the Supporter Feed as you progress. These automatic updates cannot be turned off, but you can hide them from your Supporter Feed at any time.

Screenshot of an automatic campaign update that shows that they are 50% to their goal amount

βœ… Pro tip: Editing your Campaign goal can be a really powerful motivator after you've already hit your original goal! After you hit your goal, you can create a Campaign update to celebrate the accomplishment, and then hype up your supporters to keep it going by changing the goal to a higher amount. πŸ’ͺ

How to set, change, or remove your Campaign goal

Set or change your goal

  • First, navigate to your Givebutter Dashboard.

  • Select your Campaign from the recent Campaign list on the left panel, under RAISE.

    • If you don't see it there, you can click ALL CAMPAIGNS to get the full list.

Screenshot of the list under the Raise tab in the Dashboard, which includes an ALL CAMPAIGNS button and a list of the 3 most Recent Campaigns
  • Click on the DETAILS tab

  • In the "Main Details" section, add or edit the number under "Goal"

  • Click SAVE!

Screenshot displaying the main details section of the campaign manager with the goal section highlighted and an arrow pointing to the save button

Remove your goal

  • In the same section above, simply delete the number from the Goal box

  • Click SAVE!

A screenshot of a blank goal box, showing a grey text that says "Optional" instead.

πŸ‘‰ FYI: Removing your goal does not remove the automatic campaign updates from your supporter feed. You will need to manually hide those if you desire.

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