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How to withdraw funds
How to withdraw funds

You can withdraw funds to your bank or debit card, or send funds directly to a beneficiary, regardless of whether you reach your goal

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We know how important it is for you to get the funds you raise quickly and securely, which is why we don't set any limits on when or how often you can withdraw and provide a range of options for you to do so, all for free.

About payouts and withdrawals 💰

When you set up your account, you'll need to link a payout method, secured by our payment processor, Stripe. You cannot currently link multiple bank accounts, or multiple payout methods. There are two ways to transfer funds:

  • Direct deposit to a US bank account

  • Direct deposit to a debit card (maximum of $9,999 per withdrawal)

All donations become available for withdrawal on a 48-72 hour rolling basis after a donation is made. Withdrawals are not automatic – they need to be manually initiated from your Payouts page. Once initiated, disbursements take 3-5 business days to appear in your connected account. Initiating a payout will not reset the public-facing amount raised on your campaign page.

All payouts are subject to a manual approval process to prevent fraud and suspicious activity.

Send funds to a beneficiary

If you would like to send your funds directly to another organization, you can link another Givebutter account as the beneficiary of your campaign. When a beneficiary account is linked, they'll be able to withdraw funds directly from their Givebutter account. A beneficiary does not need to be a verified nonprofit.

If you aren't able to link a beneficiary account (for example, if the organization doesn't have a Givebutter account), but you would still like to send funds directly to another organization, you can add the beneficiary's bank information to your own account and initiate the payment on their behalf.

How to withdraw funds 💸

  • When you're ready to withdraw funds, head to the Payouts page in your Dashboard.

  • You'll see a list of your campaigns with a balance under the Has Balance tab.

  • Click the blue Withdraw button on the right side, and follow the confirmation prompts. (Keep in mind that you will not yet be able to withdraw funds that are still pending.)

  • Upon completing a withdrawal, you'll be sent an email confirmation.

Please note that pending funds will not appear in Stripe until a withdrawal has been completed in Givebutter. Your Stripe account only receives funds once a withdrawal has been initiated. It's normal for pending funds not to appear in Stripe.

arrow pointing at has balance tab

If you're on a mobile device, just scroll to the right to see the Withdraw button.

mobile device withdrawal

Payout data and reporting 📚

If you're after a general summary for a particular campaign, head to your Payouts page, and click the small "+" button on the left side of a campaign name.

campaign summary

If you'd like a detailed report of which donations were included a particular payout, you'll need to export a Payout Details Report from the Payout History tab.

Payout FAQ 🤔

Why can't I initiate a payout?

You may not have admin status – only admins can access payout information. If you are getting an error message, please contact us!

Are payouts automatic? Can they be made automatic?

An admin needs to initiate payouts manually from the Payouts page. Verified nonprofit accounts can request automated payouts.

Is there any fee associated with initiating a withdrawal?

Nope! Withdrawals are always free, as often as you'd like to initiate them.

Do I have to reach my goal in order to withdraw funds?

No, goals are completely optional and do not affect payouts in any way.

Can I withdraw part of my balance?
No, you can only withdraw the entire balance at once. Feel free to upvote the request to allow partial payouts.

Is there another way to receive payouts? Can Givebutter send me a check?

Currently, the only way you can receive payouts is through your connection with Stripe Express. It is not possible for us to send a check or deposit funds outside of your connection with Stripe Express.

My pending funds aren't showing in Stripe.

Pending funds/donations will not appear in your Stripe account until a withdrawal (Payout) has been completed in Givebutter. Your Stripe account only receives funds once a withdrawal has been initiated. It's normal for pending funds not to appear in Stripe.

Can I connect multiple bank accounts, or split my payments?

Not at this time — you will need to connect a single bank account or debit card at a time. You cannot split disbursements between payout methods.

Are bank transfers secure?

Bank transfers are processed using Stripe Connect, which provides one of the most secure and reliable ACH transfer services available. Stripe undergoes a PCI Level 1 Service Provider evaluation each year, the most stringent level of security certification available in the payments industry. Givebutter is a Stripe Verified Partner. You can verify the PCI compliance status in Visa's service provider registry.

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