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How to export / download a payout details report
How to export / download a payout details report

Export a CSV breakdown of the transactional data included in a payout, right from your dashboard

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A payout details report is a CSV (spreadsheet) file that shows the breakdown of all transactions included in a specific payout. This report includes transactions, refunds, and disputes. This is the type of report we recommend for reconciling accounts, as the amount paid out is defined by the transactions included in a specific payment.

How to export your payout details ๐Ÿ’ป

  • In your dashboard, head to the Payouts page.

If you don't see the Payouts page, you're not an Admin on the account โ€“ you'll need to ask an Admin to access this on your behalf.

  • Click the Payout History tab.

  • Click the three dots [...] on the right side of the Payout you'd like to export, and select Export Payout.

If your payout is missing the [...] download option, please contact us so we can manually refresh this for you.

  • You'll be sent a message to the email address you're logged in with. Sometimes the email can take a few moments to generate. When it arrives, click the Download button in the email, and it will prompt a download of the export file.

For security, you must be logged into Givebutter to download the CSV export.

  • If you can't locate the file, check your Downloads folder and desktop. You'll need to open the CSV file in an app that can open spreadsheets, such as Excel, Numbers, or Google Sheets.

Information included ๐Ÿ•ต๐Ÿผโ€โ™€๏ธ

The CSV file will contain the following information:

  • Record Type โ€“ Available options are: Transaction, Refund, Dispute, and Adjustment.

  • Fund Type โ€“ The type of funds these are. Available options are: Amount and Fee.

If you see both a positive and negative fee on two separate lines, this indicates that the supporter covered this for you, resulting in a net zero fee.

  • Amount โ€“ The amount of the record.

  • Identifier โ€“ Used for refunds and disputes. Typically this is the same as the transaction reference number.

  • Transaction Ref # โ€“ Transaction ID (reference number)

  • First name โ€“ The donor's first name

  • Last name โ€“ The donor's last name

  • Email โ€“ The donor's email

  • Currency โ€“ The currency of the charge (currently only USD is supported)

  • Date โ€“ The date this record completed pending, ie. 48-72 hours after it was submitted.

  • Date Posted โ€“ The date this record was created, ie. when the donation was submitted.

Here's a sample of what a payout details report looks like:

FAQ ๐Ÿค”

Why donโ€™t I see the three dots [...] to export my report?

Sometimes these reports get stuck in our system. If you don't see the option to export a payout detail report, please contact our team so we can manually refresh this for you.

One of my donations is missing from my payout.

Offline donations (check or cash) donations are not paid out by us โ€“ this is the main culprit for "missing" donations! If it wasn't an offline payment, it's likely that the transaction was still pending when you initiated the payout, so it wasn't included. Export the payout details before and after this payout โ€“ย it'll often be found in an adjacent withdrawal.

I'm having trouble reconciling my totals, or my sums don't match. I think I have a variance/discrepancy.

  • Processing fees may have been deducted from your donations, because they were not covered by the donor. To check this, go to the Withdrawn tab on the Payouts page, and click the "+" on the left side of the campaign. You'll see a breakdown of any fees deducted.

You can require that donors pay your processing fees! Go to the campaign's Settings tab, and under Fees & Tips, turn on Require Fees. If you turned on Hide Fees, this means that all fees will be deducted from the funds you receive.

  • Ensure that you aren't including offline donations in your total figure. Your Withdrawn tab on the Payouts page will display the total you've raised online. (Givebutter does not pay out transactions submitted via check or cash.)

  • Check if you left a payout tip to Givebutter โ€“ย you can see these figures under the Payout History tab, under the Tip column. (This refers to payout tips added by an admin, not tips given to Givebutter by donors.)

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