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How to export / download payout history
How to export / download payout history

For a complete breakdown of your payout history, export payout data right from your dashboard to a neatly organized CSV file.

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This CSV file is an excellent way for you to analyze your account’s payout history. You can download this data, then open it into third-party software like Excel or Google Sheets, and create tables and graphs out of it.

If you're looking for a report that details the individual donations included in a specific payout, you'll want to export a payout details report instead.

Exporting payout history 💾

  • Log into your dashboard.

  • Navigate to the Payouts tab in the left-hand menu bar and click the Payout History tab.

If you do not see the Payouts tab, you do not have admin status on this account. See our article on user roles to learn more about setting different roles and permissions.

  • Click the Export button at the top right side of the Payout History section.

    arrows point to payout history and export button

  • Click Export again in the popup.

  • Your report will be sent to your email. In the email, click the Download button or copy and paste the provided link into your browser. This email link is good for 48 hours.

screenshot of payout export email

For security purposes, you must be logged in to Givebutter to view/download your CSV. If you're having trouble downloading your link, make sure you are logged in using the same web browser you requested the report from. Sometimes email clients will redirect you to a different browser, which will cause download issues.

If you can't locate the file, check your Downloads folder and desktop. You'll need to open the CSV file in an app that can open spreadsheets, such as Excel, Numbers, or Google Sheets.

Data included in this report 🤓

Expand the heading below to view a full list of all the data columns included in a payout export.

Full list of export data: Payout History Report

  • Reference #

  • Campaign name - the name of the Campaign the payout is in reference to

  • Method - the method of transfer

  • Status - status of the payout (ie. Pending/Successful)

  • Amount - total Payout amount, before any fees or tips

  • Fee - any fees charged for the payout, will always be $0.00. Note that this does not refer to any transaction fees.

  • Tip - any optional tip left for Givebutter by the Campaign owner at the time of withdrawal

  • Payout - the actual amount transferred to you

  • Currency - currently, only USD is supported

  • Created at - the date the payout was created

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