How to use promo codes

Offer discount codes on your Event campaign as a percentage or a fixed amount. You can also limit them to specific tickets and quantities.

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About promo codes 💸

Promo codes are discount codes you can add to the checkout process on Event campaigns. You can make as many promo codes as you like. There are two types of discount codes you can offer:

  • Percentage - for example, 10% off‍

  • Fixed Amount (applied per ticket) - for example, $10 off‍

Promo codes can be used an unlimited number of times, or limited to specific quantities. You can also select which specific tickets they will apply to.

If applied, promo code discounts will apply to each ticket purchased, not the total amount of the transaction.

Creating promo codes 🎟

  • On your dashboard, select the relevant campaign.

  • Click the Event tab at the top, and select the Promo Codes sub-tab.

  • Click Add Promo Code at the top of the page.

  • A menu will appear on the right side of the page. Fill out the promo code details.

Promo code settings ⚙️

  • Code name – The promo code a donor will type in. Use a code that is short, and easy for donors to spell/type. Promo codes should be in capital letters, without spaces. (Max character limit: 255.)

  • Type – Choose between a Percentage or Fixed Amount discount.

  • Amount – The amount of the discount, either as a percentage, or fixed dollar value.

Please note that promo codes are applied to each ticket, not the entire order. Select your discount amounts with this in mind.

  • Quantity – The total number of times this promo code can be used. Choose between Unlimited or Limit to a specific number of uses.

  • Tickets to discount – Choose which tickets this promo code will apply to. Choose between All Tickets or Custom. If you select Custom, you'll be able to select and de-select the tickets you'd like this promo code to apply to. You can select multiple options.

  • Active – Status of the promo code at the time of creation. Defaults to active status. Toggle to inactive if you wish to activate this promo code at a later date.

  • Click Create, or Create and add another when you're done.

Editing promo codes ✏️

  • Click the three dots [...] next to the promo code you'd like to edit.

  • Click Edit.

  • You can edit the settings, discount amount, or active status of the promo code at any time. Any tickets already purchased using this code will not be affected.

  • Hit Update when you're finished!

Deleting promo codes 🗑️

  • Click the three dots [...] next to the promo code you'd like to delete.

  • Select Delete, and click Delete again in the confirmation pop-up.

You will not be able to delete a promo code if it's been used on any transactions. Instead, toggle it to inactive mode under the Edit menu. It'll be deactivated, and no existing transactions will be affected.

Using promo codes 🤑

If you're a donor and you have a promo code you'd like to use at checkout, follow these instructions!

  • Head to the campaign page you want to purchase tickets from, and select the action button (usually called Donate & Tickets, or Tickets) in the top right corner of the page to open up the checkout process.

  • At the top of the first step, click Add promo code. (This option is only present on the Select tickets page of the checkout process.)

  • Type in your code in the box and click Add.

If you type in a promo code and forget to click Add, it won't be applied to your transaction.

  • If your promo code is valid, your discount will be displayed immediately. Select your tickets and proceed through the checkout flow.

promo code applied
  • Fill in your payment details and click Finish.

  • Your PDF tickets and email receipt will be sent to your email address immediately after the transaction successfully completes.

PDF tickets are only sent along with your receipt if the campaign is hybrid or in-person. Digital events do not issue PDF tickets.

Pre-filled promo codes 💵

If you are an admin and you'd like to share a pre-filled campaign link that already has a promo code applied to the checkout process, please follow these instructions! You can also read more about leveraging URL parameters.

Add the following to the end of your public campaign URL:


When a donor clicks on the pre-filled link, the donor will be taken to the regular public-facing campaign page. When they click the Donate or Tickets button in the upper right corner, the promo code will automatically be added, and they do not need to add it manually.

promo code applied


Can I limit usage of a promo code, or set a number of times it can be used?

Yes! Limiting usage of a promo code is now a self-serve option. You can set the usage limits of a promo code under the Quantity option.

Can I apply promo codes to specific tickets?

Yes! You can select which tickets you'd like a promo code to apply to under the Tickets to discount option. Example use cases include:

  • Applying a promo code to admission tickets, but not raffle tickets

  • Applying a promo code to specific type of admission ticket

  • Excluding a promo code to a specific type of ticket

My promo code didn't apply, can I add it after purchase?

Unfortunately, promo codes cannot be added retroactively if a purchase has been completed. If you tried to use a promo code, but forgot to click Add, you'll need to contact the organizer of the campaign so they can refund the transaction so you can submit it again using your promo code.

Can I use promo codes to create discounted ticket bundles, or ticket packages?

Not at this time, however ticket bundling is coming soon! In the meantime, your supporters will need to purchase tickets separately, or an admin can create a "group" ticket (this would issue one ticket to a group of people).

My promo code is applying to each ticket individually, instead of the total transaction amount.

This is as expected. Promo codes do not apply an entire transaction – they are applied to each ticket separately. For example, if you have a $10 fixed amount promo code, and a donor purchases four $15 tickets, all four tickets will be reduced to $5 per ticket. (It will not take $10 off the whole transaction.)

I want to use a promo code on my Page campaign.

Unfortunately, you can only use promo codes on Event campaigns, however you can easily change your Page campaign to an Event campaign.

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