URL parameters are bits of information appended to the end of a URL to pass data to the page. In our instance, the parameters will be used by the page to preselect form field options.

Given a standard URL (e.g.: https://demo.givebutter.com/collect), parameters are added to a URL by appending a ‘?’ to the end.

Following the ‘?’, parameters have a name=value syntax (e.g.: ?amount=250).

When more than one parameter is required, they must be separated by an ‘&’ (e.g.: ?amount=250&frequency=quarterly).

Full URL example


The available parameters for the donation form are:

  • amount - preselect an existing amount option (e.g.: 25, 50, 100, 250)

  • frequency - preselect an existing frequency option (e.g., monthly, quarterly, yearly)

  • fund - preselect a fund by their ID

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