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How to customize suggested donation amounts
How to customize suggested donation amounts

Set custom donation amounts and contextualize each giving level with a description

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The simplest way to increase giving is to personalize the donor experience as much as possible. We’ve made it easy to tailor the donation amounts presented to your donors. Using custom donation amounts and descriptions, you can:

  • Limit the number of default donation amounts, ie. $50, $100, $500, $5,000

  • Explain the impact of each donation, ie. $250 = Specialized pet therapy

  • Offer an incentive for specific amounts, ie. $100 = Includes a sticker pack

custom amount example

Set custom donation amounts ⚙️

You can set up to 6 custom donation levels on Forms and 7 on Pages and Events, plus an additional level if you include an "Other" option for donors to fill in their own amount.

Descriptions are not included in reports, so if you are selling items/tickets, only the price will be tracked – add these as Tickets instead for reporting purposes.

  • Navigate to your dashboard and select the campaign you'd like to customize.

  • Select the Tools tab at the top, and scroll to the Suggested amounts section.

suggested amounts
  • Enter your desired amounts and optional descriptions.

    • Descriptions have a limit of 40 characters per entry.

  • If you have fewer than seven options, you can click "+" to insert a new amount.

  • To delete a custom amount option, click the red trash can icon on the right side of the option.

  • Click Save after you've made your changes.

You can also set different donation levels for one-time donations and recurring plans on Form campaigns only:

one time vs monthly amounts

To configure different sets of customized donation levels based on frequency (one-time, monthly, quarterly, or yearly), select a frequency tab under the Suggested Amounts section, and set the values you'd like to use.

Other donation amounts ✏️

Select whether you'd like to show an Other option for supporters to give any amount they choose. If this is selected, donors can enter a number of their choosing, regardless of your pre-set options.


What if I have more custom donation amounts I want to use? Can the amount of donation levels be increased?

You can only set up to six custom donation amounts and descriptions on Forms, and seven on Pages + Events – this is limited by the format of the checkout flow. If you'd like to make more options available, we'd recommend creating the options as Tickets on an Event campaign – these are better suited for selling "items", especially if you want to be able to sell multiple quantities, or add photos.

What happens if I remove all of the available donation amounts?

If all donation amounts are removed, our system detects this and replaces "Other" with "Enter amount". If you disable the "Other" donation amount option, no options will appear and donors will not be able to complete a transaction.

no donation amounts

How do I set a minimum donation requirement?

You can require a minimum donation by checking the box in the Custom amounts section. You'll be prompted to enter your required minimum – make sure to save your changes!

Are custom donation amount descriptions included in any reports? Can I use suggested donation amounts instead of Tickets?

If you set customized donation amounts, the description set will not appear in exports or reports. If you set multiple options for the same amount with different descriptions, these options will not be differentiated in your reports. If you are selling items or tickets, we recommend creating these as Tickets instead so you can accurately report the number of each sold.

Can I set different amounts for different donation frequencies on Pages or Events?

The tabs for frequencies will only appear on Forms. Page and Event campaigns do not yet support different amounts for specific frequencies.

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