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How to customize suggested donation amounts
How to customize suggested donation amounts

Set your own donation amounts and contextualize each giving level

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The simplest way to increase giving is to customize and personalize the donor experience as much as possible. We’ve made it easy to tailor the donation amounts and descriptions presented to your donors!

Use Cases

Here are a few examples of how you can use custom descriptions to increase giving on your donation forms, fundraising campaigns, ticketed events, and more:

  • Increase, decrease, or limit the number of default donation amounts (i.e., $50, $500, $5,000)

  • Explain the impact of each donation amount (i.e., $250 = Specialized services like pet therapy)

  • Offer an incentive for certain donation amounts (i.e., $100 = Includes a Dance Marathon T-shirt)

  • Enabling Recurring donations on your campaign makes it easier for donors to give again and again. Plus, on average, donation amounts increase! Explaining the impact of each donation amount in a monthly format increases the likelihood of a monthly contribution (i.e., $40 = A month’s worth of coloring supplies.)

How to set Custom Donation Amounts

These directions are a guide for admins and editors to customize the donation amounts on any Campaign. 

  • Navigate to your Dashboard and select the campaign you'd like to customize. 

  • Select the Tools tab and scroll to the Custom amounts section

  • Enter your desired Amounts and optional Descriptions. 

Tip: The Descriptions have a character limit of 40. 

  • Click the [+] button for additional Amount options.

Tip: You can add up to seven unique amounts (8 if you include "Other").

  • Click the Garbage Can icon on the left to delete an Amount.

  • Select whether you'd like to show an "Other" option for supporters to give any amount they choose (optional).

  • Require that supporters give at least a minimum amount when choosing "Other" (optional).

  • Click "Reset to defaults" to revert to the original Donation Amounts. Select OK to confirm the reset.

  • Click Save after you've made your changes. 

Voilà - you're ready to roll. 🥳

Live Example

  1. Check out this live donation form with custom descriptions:

  2. Each amount and description was set by Dance Marathon (i.e. $25 - Care package for a child in need, $100 = Treatment plans & materials, $250 = Specialized services (i.e. pet therapy), etc.

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