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Before designing your Campaign, you’ll want to make sure you’ve signed up and set up your Account. Then, consider if a Donation Form is the right Campaign type for you and start a new Campaign.

Setting up your Form Campaign

Every Givebutter Campaign has a Campaign Manager that allows users to edit Campaign details from the Dashboard. To begin, navigate to the RAISE tab in the left side panel and select the Campaign you'd like to edit from the recent Campaigns list or select ALL CAMPAIGNS to see the full list.

Screenshot of the list under the Raise tab in the Dashboard, which includes an ALL CAMPAIGNS button and a list of the 3 most Recent Campaigns

At the top of the Campaign Manager, you'll see various tabs you can click into, as well as a place to view or copy your Campaign URL.


The DETAILS tab contains a place for you to flesh out what your Campaign is about. You can:

  • Give your Campaign a title

  • Set an optional goal

  • Set an optional theme color

  • Add a description to your Campaign here

    • This will appear below the Campaign title on your Form.

The title and description will also appear on your Giving Hub if you have enabled one.


The SHARING tab provides a variety of ways to get the word out about your Campaign! You can:

A preview of a social media post when the SEO settings are left blank on a Donation Form

⛔️ Warning: Having trouble with your SEO settings? If you've already set previous SEO settings, the link may need to be debugged to show any updated information.

The TOOLS tab

In the TOOLS tab you can manage your available payment options and add Custom Fields.

  • Toggle on/off accepting payments

  • Toggle on/off the phone number requirement

  • Toggle on/off the billing address requirement

    • Billing address is always required for card payments. But for other payments, like digital wallets, it is optional unless this is toggled "ON".

  • Allow supporters to pledge to pay via check and log an offline donation.

  • Toggle on/off Recurring Plans for this campaign

  • Select Recurring Plan frequency options

  • Select a default Recurring Plan frequency.

  • Manage Funds

👉 FYI: Recurring Plans and Funds must be enabled in the Account Settings before they can be enabled on Campaigns.

  • Set custom donation amounts

  • Require a minimum donation amount

  • Add and manage Custom Fields


The SETTINGS tab is where you can manage the visibility, type, and notifications for your Campaign. You can also manage your Tips and Fees settings, create a custom Thank You message, and add Experts to your Campaign.

  • Publish/Unpublish your Campaign

  • Change your Campaign Type

    • You cannot change your Event Campaign to a different type once you've sold a Ticket.

    • You cannot change your Page or Event Campaign to a Form once you've had bids or purchases on your Auction.

  • Write a custom thank you message that will appear in supporters' email receipts

  • Manage your personal notifications

Pro tip: Your notification settings are for the profile you are logged into. Neither you nor Givebutter can manage other profiles' notifications for them. They will need to log into their Account and manage their notifications themselves.

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