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How to use scan-to-donate QR codes
How to use scan-to-donate QR codes

Each campaign has a QR code that donors can scan with their smartphone, bringing them to your campaign page in seconds.

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QR codes are one of the fastest and easiest ways to open a URL on your phone, and they are compatible with just about every major smartphone’s camera. Givebutter scan-to-donate QR codes link donors directly to your campaign page on their mobile device, so they can securely complete a donation.

Downloading QR codes 💾

  • Navigate to the Sharing tab of the relevant campaign.

  • Under the General option, scroll down to the Scan-to-donate section.

  • To download a pre-designed card including your QR code, click Print PDF. This page will show the name of your organization, your QR code, instructions for how to use it, and the link to your campaign, as a backup option. The color shown is not customizable at this time.

  • To download the standalone QR code, without the pre-designed card, click Download as [...]. The image format options include:

    • PNG

    • JPEG

    • SVG

    • PDF

download as
  • The QR code will save to your computer.

Looking for QR codes for individual auction items? Campaign QR codes do not link to individual items. Please see our guide on downloading auction item QR codes.

Using QR codes 📱

QR codes are a quick way to link supporters to your campaign page. To use a QR code:

  • Open your smartphone's camera, and point your phone at a QR code. The camera will "read" the code, which translates to the URL of your campaign page.

  • Depending on your device, a banner may appear at the top of the screen. Click the banner to open the link, and your internet browser will open up the campaign page.

The campaign page linked by QR code is the same main campaign page that you can see on desktop and mobile – QR code campaign links do not differ from manually-typed URLs in any way.

Use cases + ideas ⭐

QR codes are an excellent way to keep your campaign page accessible and convenient.

  • Print your QR code to display in person, or on a monitor.

  • QR codes can used on marketing collateral such as newsletters, flyers, postcards, brochures, product packaging, table tents, posters, banners, or magazine ads.

  • Use QR codes digitally, on advertisement boards, screens, or websites. QR codes can be added to your social media profile image or cover photos/banners on sites like Facebook and LinkedIn.

  • Add a campaign's QR code to the cocktail table centerpieces at a gala or fundraising event.

  • Project your QR code on a screen during your event via Live Display.


Can I point the QR code to a different URL, or generate a new QR code?

The QR code generated in your account for each campaign will only direct to the main campaign page. It is not possible to use this QR code (as it is in your dashboard) to direct to the checkout process, or another campaign. However, if you would like to generate a QR code that directs to a different link, you can do so outside of Givebutter! Search online for a "free qr code generator".

If I change my campaign URL/link, will it break my QR code?

No – you can change the URL/slug, and the QR code will remain the same. Please note that if you change the URL for your campaign, links previously posted online will not redirect to the new link. Only the QR code remains static when the URL is changed.

I'm a team member. Is there a QR code that will link to my team or team member page?

QR codes are only automatically generated for a campaign page itself — we don't generate QR codes for team pages at this time. The good news is that QR codes are a form of easily-accessible visual link, and you can generate them for free online to direct any URL you like, including your team page!

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