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How to use Scan-to-Donate QR codes
How to use Scan-to-Donate QR codes

Each campaign has a QR code that donors can scan with their smartphone, bringing them to your campaign page in seconds.

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QR codes are one of the fastest and easiest ways to open a URL on your phone since they are compatible with just about every major smartphone’s camera.

Simply navigate to the Sharing tab of your Campaign and click Print QR Code.

Print your code to display in person, or save it as an image to display on a monitor. Now anyone can scan your QR code with their phone camera to go straight to your Givebutter campaign.

Try it for yourself! Hold your smartphone camera up to our test code:

Marketing Materials

The addition of a QR code is a great way to enhance your promotional collateral, so donors can navigate to your Givebutter page faster.

Here are a few examples where QR codes can be effective:

  • Printed promotional materials like newsletters, flyers, postcards, brochures, product packaging, table tents, posters, or banners

  • Digital advertisement boards, screens, or websites

  • Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter banner, or profile picture

  • Stickers, name tags, t-shirts, window-clings, or business cards

Common Use Cases

  • Presenting a campaign QR code on the cocktail table centerpieces at a Gala

  • Including a campaign QR code in a magazine advertisement

  • Distributing reusable bags with your logo and campaign QR code as promotional swag at your event

  • Projecting a campaign QR code on a screen or monitor during an event

  • Printing and posting flyers with your QR code around campus

  • Displaying a campaign QR code on a booth, table, fair, trade show, or equivalent

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