Live Display allows anyone hosting an in-person event to showcase campaign activity in real-time on a TV, projector screen, or tablet. Live Display also allows event hosts to encourage attendees to donate using Text-to-Donate and Scan-to-Donate.

Campaign stats, goal progress, and the supporter feed will update in real time as donations are made. Note: the supporter feed will only show donations and not ticket purchases or auction purchases.

screenshot of live display

What are the different ways to show Live Display? πŸ“Ί

  • Connect your computer/laptop directly to a TV or projector with a cable

  • Cast from your device to a smart TV

  • Use a wireless streaming device, like Chromecast or Apple TV

  • Display directly on a computer or any TV with web access

How do I launch my Live Display?

  1. Go to your public-facing Campaign page

  2. Click LIVE DISPLAY just below your cover photo
    Note: you will only see this button if you are logged in as an Admin or Editor

  3. Click OPEN LIVE DISPLAY on the popup screen

an arrow points to the live display button
an arrow points to the open live display button

Other ways to activate Live Display

From the sharing tab in your Campaign, you can copy the Live Display Link and share it with others.

an arrow points to sharing and live display link

Anyone can activate the Live Display for a campaign by adding "live." in front of the web address and inserting "c/" between .com/ and the rest of the web address

For example, the Campaign for League Apps Fund Play Drive 2022 is located at

To view the Live Display for this Campaign on any browser, you would go to

How to configure your Live Display

  1. Launch your Live Display.

  2. Move your mouse on the screen and the VIEW SETTINGS buttons will appear in the bottom left-hand corner

  3. Click on the VIEW SETTINGS button.

    πŸ‘‰ FYI: the View Settings button will disappear if you don't move the mouse for 5 seconds.

    mouse clicking on the view settings button

Options available:

screenshot of view setting toolbar

πŸ‘‰ FYI: For a goal bar to be displayed you will need to enable the goal bar on your Campaign. Learn how in our help article about using the goal bar.

For a text-to-donate box to be displayed, you will need to set up a text-to-donate keyword and be a verified non-profit.

Can I hide everything?

  • Yes, you can. If you did this, only the campaign name would show.

  • This is a great way to display your screen before the event begins so no activity shows yet.

    screenshot of Live Display with no widgets showing

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