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How to launch and configure your Live Display
How to launch and configure your Live Display

Share real-time campaign activity at in-person events.

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Showcase campaign activity in real-time on a TV, projector screen, or tablet using Live Display! Campaign stats, goal progress, and the supporter feed will update in real time as donations are made to Page and Event campaigns. Live Display also allows event hosts to encourage attendees to donate using Text-to-Donate and Scan-to-Donate.

What does Live Display include? 📝

Amount raised:

✅ Donations

✅ Ticket purchases

✅ Completed auction item purchases

Supporter feed:

✅ Donations

❌ Ticket purchases

❌ Completed auction item purchases

Display format ideas 📺

  • Connect your computer or laptop directly to a TV or projector with a cable

  • Cast from your device to a smart TV

  • Use a wireless streaming device, like Chromecast or Apple TV

  • Display directly on a computer or TV with web access

screenshot of live display

How to launch Live Display 🚀

  • Head to to your public-facing campaign page.

  • Just below your cover photo, click Live Display. You will only see this button if you are logged in as an Admin or Editor.

  • Click Open Live Display on the popup screen.

open live display
  • Once Live Display is opened, make the browser window fullscreen. This may vary depending on your device and internet browser.

    • Command + Shift + F on Mac

    • F11 on Windows

    • Toggle options on your browser's View menu to hide the toolbar

Other ways to launch ✨

  • You can also access the Live Display link from your campaign's Sharing tab.

live display link

Live Display settings ⚙️

  • Launch your Live Display.

  • Move your mouse on the screen and a View Settings buttons will appear in the bottom left-hand corner. Click on the View Settings button. (This button will disappear if you don't move the mouse for 5 seconds.)

    view settings button

A sidebar menu will appear on the left side of the page with the following options:

  • Configuration

    • Amount raised – Show or hide the total amount your campaign has raised, and the number of supporters. This total includes ticket sales and completed auction items. This will include a goal bar only if your campaign has a goal set.

    • Supporter feed – Show or hide live updates across the right side of the Live Display, showing names and amounts from your public or anonymous supporters, as they donate. This feed will not include ticket sales or auction proceeds.

    • Scan-to-Donate – Show or hide the QR code on your Live Display.

    • Text-to-Donate – Show or hide the Text-to-Donate box. You will need to set up a text-to-donate keyword and be a verified non-profit for this option.

  • Theme – Choose a Live Display color scheme.

  • Live Display URL – The public URL for your Live Display.

  • Enter Fullscreen

  • Close Live Display – You will be redirected to the public campaign page.

The Live Display Amount raised will only include completed auction items that have already been paid for. Please see the feature request for adding auction item current bid prices to Live Display!

Troubleshooting + FAQ 🤔

What happens if the internet connection is unstable, or I lose my internet connection?

We will show an unstable connection message in the lower left-hand corner of the Live Display screen. If connection is lost entirely:

  • The page will become static and display the stats that were last updated before the connection was lost.

  • A message will be shown in the lower left-hand corner that indicates no internet connection and displays the last updated date and time.

  • If the page is refreshed when there is no internet connection, the page will not be reloaded.

How many Live Displays can I have going at the same time?

As many as you want! You can also have different settings on each Live Display because the setting preferences are stored on the local browser, rather than the Live Display option itself.

What if my Live Display content is cut off?

Can I hide everything from my Live Display? How do I keep details from showing before the event begins?

If you toggle all of the configuration options to the off position, all that will display is your account name (your organization) and the name of your campaign. This is a great way to display your screen before the event begins – no activity will be shown.

example live display screen

Does Live Display work for Form campaigns?

No – Live Display is only active for Page and Event campaigns.

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