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How to share a campaign
How to share a campaign

There are plenty of ways to share your campaign, from sharing it on social media to embedding it directly on an external website.

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After creating a campaign, you have a number of tools to share it with the world! This guide includes all of the options available β€” if you would like more information about any of these options, click the relevant link and you'll be taken to a more specific set of instructions. You can share a campaign from your dashboard, as well as from the public campaign page.

From your dashboard

If you are an admin or editor on a campaign, you can find multiple sharing options in your Givebutter dashboard.

sharing tab
  • Navigate to your dashboard and select the campaign you'd like to share.

  • Click on the Sharing tab to find your sharing options, as listed below.

Customize your URL πŸ”—

If you would like to change the URL of your campaign from the default random string of letters and numbers, you can customize this link to suit your campaign! Learn more about customizing your campaign link β†’

Live Display πŸŽ₯

Live Display allows anyone hosting an in-person event to showcase campaign activity in real-time on a TV, projector screen, or tablet. Campaign stats, goal progress, and the supporter feed will update in real-time as donations are made. Learn more about using Live Display β†’

Website embeds πŸ–₯️

You can embed Givebutter campaigns in a variety of formats on your own external website using Widgets! This is done by copying and pasting HTML code into your website editor. Learn about embedding your campaign on an external site β†’

Text-to-Donate πŸ“±

Text-to-Donate is a perfect way to create a seamless giving experience that can be done from a donor's device. Donors text a keyword to a shortcode number provided by Givebutter, and in reply, they are sent a link to your campaign. Learn how to set up Text-to-Donate β†’

QR code πŸ“·

QR codes are one of the fastest and easiest ways to open a URL on your phone as they are compatible with most major smartphone cameras. QR codes can be used digitally, or on printed media, like posters, or menus. Learn how to use Scan-to-Donate QR codes→

SEO settings 🌐

SEO information appears on Google searches and online posts, when someone is searching for your campaign, or comes across it on social media. SEO settings allow you to determine an alternate set of details that overrides your campaign details. Learn how to customize your SEO settings β†’

If you don't have access to the above dashboard options (because you aren't an admin), check out our team member guide on sharing a campaign you're participating in!

From the campaign page

From a live Page or Event campaign page, you can click the Share Fundraiser button in the upper right corner:

share fundraiser button

From a live Form campaign page, you can click the Share icon button in the upper right corner:

form campaign share button

You will be shown multiple options to share your campaign on social media or via email. You can also simply copy the campaign URL and paste it on your social media pages, or link it in an outbound email!

share fundraiser popup options

FAQ πŸ€”

Can I disable the Share Campaign button on my campaign page?

Not at this time. Please take a look at the feature request to remove or customize the share button displayed on the public campaign page, and add a vote if this is a option you would like to use in the future!

Does Givebutter share my campaign for me? What about donor outreach?

The reach of your campaign relies on your own audience of contacts. While donors can search for campaigns on the Givebutter explore page, we do not promote campaigns or manage outreach on your behalf.

I can't find my campaign when I search for it online!

If you're not able to locate your campaign when you search for it online, we would recommend customizing your SEO settings (make them specific!), and editing your campaign URL or title to be more easily searchable. A campaign can be hard to search for online if the information is vague or general in nature.

How do I share an auction page?

Auctions are always part of an overall campaign – the auction portion does not have its own share button. You can navigate to the Overview tab at the top of the campaign page, and use the Share Fundraiser button to share the entire campaign. Alternatively, you can copy and paste the direct auction page link and share this online. A direct auction page link is formatted like this:

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