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How to set up Text-to-Donate
How to set up Text-to-Donate

Givebutter's 5-digit short code allows you to start capturing mobile payments instantly using a completely free SMS solution.

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👉 Note: Givebutter utilizes a dedicated short code and ONLY inbound messages are supported. We do not allow responses to inbound messages to be modified or customized in any way.

With more supporters than ever choosing mobile payment methods, optimizing your campaign pages for mobile devices is essential. Text-to-Donate is a perfect way to engage donors and create a seamless giving experience that can be done from their favorite device.

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How does it work?

  1. Your supporters text a keyword to 53-555.

  2. In response, supporters will automatically receive a link to your secure, mobile-friendly campaign.

  3. The unique link is tracked upon click and you'll be able to view stats on how much you've raised with Text-to-Donate.

callout box to text demo to 53-555

How to set up Text-to-Donate ⚙️

  1. In your dashboard's sidebar menu, click Account, then click Settings.

    an arrow points to settings
  2. Select Text-to-Donate in the sub-menu, and click New Keyword.

    new keyword button

  3. Choose the campaign you would like your new keyword to point to, enter your desired keyword, and click Add. (Keywords should be all-caps, one word, and can contain letters and numbers.)

add button

👉 Note: Your keyword must not be in use by any other Givebutter Campaigns – it must be unique across all of Givebutter. Givebutter reserves the right to review and revoke keywords at any time.

failed keyword

Keyword best practices ⭐

  • Keep your keyword short, clear, and simple.

  • Do not use keywords that are long or hard to spell. The more time a donor spends typing a keyword, the more likely it is for spelling mistakes to occur.

  • Keep auto-correct in mind. If you use abbreviations or a keyword unique to your organization or event, make sure that smartphones do not auto-correct the keyword by default.

  • It helps to have a keyword related to your organization or event.

Managing, editing, and testing your keywords 🛠️

Keywords are managed at the account level, meaning they can be reused to point to any campaign, at any given time. Simply select the [...] three dots icon next to any Keyword, then click Edit to manage the campaign it points to.

manage keywords

If you want to give it a try, just text your keyword to 53-555. You will receive a response with a link that brings you to your campaign page.

Each account may have 5 keywords at a time. If you've reached this limit, you can delete a previous keyword using the steps above. You'll then be able to add a new keyword.

Conversion tracking and analytics

Know the effectiveness of campaigns and communications by tracking the number of people who text a given Keyword, the subsequent conversation rates, and the total donations collected.

👉 Note: Text-to-Donate does not currently track which donations correspond to specific keywords.


Leveraging Text-to-Donate at live events 📢

  • Have a dedicated call to action at your in-person or virtual event. Dedicate some time to verbally captivate your audience’s attention. Encourage them to take out their phones and donate.

  • Make sure your Keyword is easy to say. If you announce it to the group, it needs to be clear and simple enough for the audience to understand.

  • Make your Keyword visible. If your event is in a large venue, put signage on the walls, televisions/screens, posters, or business cards on tables that include your Keyword and the phone number for donors to text.

  • Update the audience on the progress to your goal. Are you only $5,000 away from hitting your goal? Tell your audience how close you are and discuss the importance of hitting your goal. Everyone wants to be the donor that fills up the goal bar. Let them know about your progress so they have a chance to do so!

  • Don’t be shy. Your audience is attending your event because they want to support your cause. Even if they paid for a ticket, it is quite common for organizations to ask for additional donations at the event itself. People want to help!

Text-to-Donate FAQ 🤔

What is a Text-to-Donate short code?

A "short code" is a 5-digit number used to send and receive text messages. It functions just like a regular phone number, but it's easier to remember. Givebutter uses the short code 53-555.

What does it cost to use the short code?

Like the rest of Givebutter, Text-to-Donate and the use of our short code is free!

Can I edit the response message?

No, we do not allow responses to inbound messages to be modified or customized.

I heard that short codes may disappear, is that true?

As of 2020, most major wireless carrier networks in the U.S. no longer accept new shared short codes, however we use a dedicated short code that will be valid for the foreseeable future.

What about international supporters?

Our short code can only be used with U.S. phone numbers on U.S. carrier networks that have approved that short code. Note that if a donor on a supported U.S. carrier is out of the country or located in a U.S. territory like Puerto Rico or the Virgin Islands, text messages may be delivered, but it’s not guaranteed.

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