To go live with your first campaign, you'll need to connect up your Payout information via a brand new, dedicated Stripe Express account. You can connect a US bank account or a debit card to receive Payouts. Follow these steps if you're walking through this process for the first time! 💸

  1. Log in to your Givebutter dashboard.

  2. Navigate to the Payouts tab in the left-hand side panel.

    an arrow pointing at the Payouts page

  3. Click the Connect button in the section that says Bank Account.

    the connect button in the Bank account box

  4. Click Get started with Stripe in the popup window that appears, and you will be directed over to Stripe to get set up. Enter your email address and phone number. (This will be the login email for your Stripe account.) You'll be asked to verify your mobile phone number with a 6-digit code.

    screenshot of the Stripe connection page

  5. In the drop-down window, select Individual, Company, or Nonprofit Organization for the account type. (If you aren't sure which option you should select, take a look at this article.)

  6. Follow the Stripe prompts to continue. When you get to your Stripe Dashboard, click on the section called Payout Details. This is where you'll add your Payout information.

    payout details section in Stripe
  7. Complete your Payout information, double check that it's correct, and click Save!

screenshot showing where to add payment information in Stripe

Stripe FAQ 🤔

Who can add Payout information?

The Payout account should be activated by someone authorized to handle the finances for your organization. If that’s not you, please ask the relevant person to complete this form. You’ll be required to add pertinent business and tax information (if applicable).

Can I connect an international bank account?

Unfortunately not. At this time, we only support direct deposits for US bank accounts. Click here to record your interest in payout methods for other countries and currencies on our product roadmap!

Can I link an existing Stripe account?

No, it's not currently possible to link an existing Stripe account to Givebutter. This is because the connection is only made with a Stripe account type called Stripe Express, which is not the same as a direct/regular Stripe account. Click here to record your interest in the ability to connect an existing payment processor account!

Do I need to enter my personal information?

Your date of birth and U.S. Social Security Number may be a requirement for creating a Stripe account if you are connecting a personal bank account. Learn more. If you are fundraising as a Company or Nonprofit Organization, you do not need to enter your SSN or date of birth.

Are there any limitations on connecting a debit card?

There is a $3,000 limit (per withdrawal) on debit card transfers. If you plan to process over $3,000 at a time, we recommend linking a bank account for uninterrupted deposits.

I don't want to connect my own Payout information. How do I send funds to someone else?

You can automatically send a campaign's donations to another Givebutter account! Check out our guide on how to send funds directly to a beneficiary account.

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