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How to send funds directly to a beneficiary account
How to send funds directly to a beneficiary account

Send profits from your campaign directly to an organization that also uses Givebutter.

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What's a beneficiary? ๐Ÿ’ธ

A beneficiary is an entity (an organization on Givebutter) who is designated to automatically receive funds raised by someone else (you). Adding a beneficiary for your campaign means that you can send funds raised on your own campaign straight to another organization's Givebutter account.

How it works ๐Ÿ’ต

  • On your own Givebutter account, you create a new campaign.

  • Send us your information, as detailed in the adding a beneficiary section below.

  • We must receive written confirmation from the beneficiary organization that they wish to opt into this connection.

  • Once approved by the beneficiary, we will make the connection (from your campaign, to the beneficiary's Givebutter account). You can then begin raising funds!

  • As funds are raised, they will not appear in your account's Payouts page โ€“ย they will appear directly in the beneficiary's Givebutter account for withdrawal to their own connected payout method.

Beneficiaries are connected per-campaign, and they do not apply to your entire Givebutter account. If you have multiple campaigns you would like to direct to beneficiaries, you will need to request these separately.

Adding a beneficiary โš™๏ธ

Please first make sure that the organization you want to fundraise for also has an account on Givebutter, then contact us via email with the following details:

  • Your own Givebutter account login email

  • The campaign URL you wish to link to the beneficiary

  • Confirm the beneficiary account name (this is often the name of the organization)

  • Copy a member of the beneficiary's team in the email to approve the connection

Beneficiary connections can only be made prior to raising funds on a Campaign. If you intend to make a beneficiary connection, DO NOT start accepting donations until the connection is made.

Beneficiary FAQ ๐Ÿค”

How can I see if my beneficiary organization already has a Givebutter account?

We cannot verify if an organization has an account on Givebutter, however you are welcome to search our Explore page! We recommend getting in touch with your contact at the organization directly if you aren't sure.

My beneficiary organization isn't on Givebutter!

You won't be able to set up a beneficiary campaign unless the beneficiary also has a Givebutter account. You can prompt the organization to create an account and connect up their payout information, or collect the funds yourself and write the beneficiary a check at the end of the campaign (please consult a tax professional about your tax liability in this case).

Is the name of the beneficiary shown anywhere on the campaign page?

Yes! The name of the beneficiary account will appear under the campaign's cover image, beneath the campaign organizer.

beneficiary account name

Does a beneficiary account need to be a verified nonprofit?

No โ€“ย a beneficiary does not need to be a verified nonprofit on Givebutter. If they are a verified nonprofit, the beneficiary account name will also include their EIN, as shown above.

Does Givebutter give introductions? Can I pick a nonprofit beneficiary from a list?

We do not provide contact information for potential beneficiary accounts using our platform. Beneficiary connections often rely on the originating account having an existing contact at the beneficiary organization. Please see our feature request for searching and adding any verified nonprofit as a beneficiary.

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