Givebutter makes it easy as pie to scan tickets and assist your attendees on the day of the event. No one wants to wait outside, so we designed a check-in experience that’s smooth as butter with a QR code scanner baked right into the Dashboard.

Every attendee is emailed a PDF ticket from Givebutter after purchasing, which they can easily print or display on their phone. Tickets have two unique identifiers on them:

  • QR code – this is what you'll be scanning.

  • Shortcode – 5-digit code you can use to quickly lookup and verify tickets

How Ticket Scanning Works

Step 1: Sign in to the Givebutter Dashboard

On any device with a camera, internet, or WiFi connection, sign in to:

Step 2: Navigate to the Tickets tab.

To access this feature, navigate to Tickets > Scan Tickets, then choose the Campaign you'd like to scan for.

Step 3: Enable your camera

Allow "" to access the camera, and you're ready to go!

Step 4: That's it — you're ready to scan QR codes or key in a ticket's shortcode.

Having volunteers or team members assist with event check-in? That's simple, add unlimited users to your Givebutter account by email invitation so they can scan too!

Check-Ins & Troubleshooting

As mentioned above, every ticket has a QR code and a 5-digit shortcode. Check-in attendees on any device by scanning or keying in the code.

Once someone is checked in, the Status column in the Tickets tab changes to a green checkmark. ✅

In the Tickets tab of the Dashboard, you can also search by name, email, and phone number. Dashboard check-ins and the 5-digit short code lookup can come in handy for these common scenarios:

  • “Oh shoot, I forgot my ticket!” Never fear; you can also search attendees by name, email, or phone number right in the Tickets tab to check them in manually.

  • “Ticket Already Redeemed on: [date]” If a QR Code is scanned after a guest has already been checked in, it will produce an error message. This can happen when a guest purchases multiple tickets and accidentally prints or digitally presents the same one for multiple people in their party. A quick reference to your Tickets tab will confirm how many tickets were purchased and allow you to complete the check-in swiftly.

A few notes on the Tickets tab:

  • The search bar is the best and fastest way to search for tickets by name

  • Filters are useful if you want to export a list of only a certain ticket type, price, etc.

  • Be sure to periodically refresh the table to ensure you are up to date with any live ticket scanners (the page may not sync in real-time)

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