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How to export recurring plan details
How to export recurring plan details

Export recurring donation plans right from your dashboard into a neatly organized CSV.

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This CSV file is an excellent way for you to analyze your recurring donations. You can download this data and open it in a third-party software like Excel, Numbers, or Google Spreadsheets.

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If you'd like to add filters to the recurring plans you'd like to export, do so before you create the export. Filter options for recurring plans are similar to the filters you can apply to contacts.

  • Click the Export button in the upper right corner of the page, and click Export again in the popup window.

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  • Navigate to your email (exports will be sent to the email address you're logged in with), and in a few moments, you will receive a message saying that your export is ready to download. In the email, click the Download button or copy and paste the provided link into your browser.

  • If you can't locate the file, check your Downloads folder and desktop. You'll need to open the CSV file in an app that can open spreadsheets, such as Excel, Numbers, or Google Sheets.

For security purposes, you must be logged in to Givebutter to download your CSV export.

Information included in a recurring plan export 🔍

The CSV file export contains the following information:

  • ID – Unique ID # for this recurring donation

  • Status – Active, Canceled, Past_due_failed

  • Frequency – Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly

  • Campaign

  • First Name – The donor’s first name

  • Last Name – The donor’s last name

  • Email – The donor’s email

  • Phone – The donor’s phone number

  • Address_1

  • Address_2

  • City

  • State

  • Zipcode

  • Country

  • Method

  • Amount

  • Fee_covered

  • Currency

  • Start_at

  • Next_bill_date – The scheduled next billing date for this plan

  • Last_transaction – The date of the last transaction processed on this plan

  • Created_at – The date and time this recurring donation was created (in UTC)

  • Canceled-at – If applicable, the date/time this recurring donation was canceled

  • Cancel-reason – If applicable, the reason this recurring donation was canceled

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