How to set campaign notifications

Edit email notifications for specific campaigns, or all your campaigns – all in one place

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You can configure campaign notifications at the account level (All Campaigns) or at the Individual Campaign level. Notifications are only sent to account admins. These are set per user, so you must be logged in to edit your notification settings. To configure these settings:

All Campaigns

These settings apply to all the campaigns on your account. Click the on/off toggles to make changes. Remember, this will only change notifications for your specific user login.

  • New Transactions – Sent when a new donation or purchase is made to a campaign.

  • Ongoing Recurring Donations – Sent when a recurring donation is automatically processed after the initial charge.

  • Recurring Donation Events – Sent when a recurring plan is canceled, paused, resumed, updated, or fails to process.

  • Team Member Registrations – Sent when a new team member joins a campaign.

  • Supporter Feed Comments – Sent when a comment is made on a post in the supporter feed.

Donors will be notified via email when a comment is made on their donation post in the supporter feed.

Individual Campaigns

If you only want to edit settings for a particular campaign, you can change them in this section without affecting the other campaigns on the account. You'll see a list of your campaigns and a dropdown arrow on the right side of each of them.

  • Click the dropdown arrow, and a list of notification options will appear below the campaign's name.

  • Click the on/off toggles to make changes for this specific campaign.

  • The status indicator for each campaign will display different colors depending on how many notifications are enabled for any given campaign.

    • Enabled (Green): All notifications are enabled for this campaign.

    • Enabled (Yellow): Some notifications are enabled for this campaign.

    • Disabled (Grey): No notifications are enabled for this campaign.


I'm an editor - can I still be sent notifications?

No, only admins on an account are sent notifications.

Can Givebutter (or myself) edit notification settings for other users on my account?

No, you can only edit notifications for your own user login. If there are others on your account, they will need to edit their own notification settings. We cannot edit these settings on your behalf or for other users on your Account.

I'm not receiving any transaction notification emails!

You may not be an admin on the account, so please review our user roles and permissions to double-check what you have access to. If you should be an admin but aren't, please contact another admin on your account to restore your access. Editors do not receive email notifications.

Do you have push notifications?

No, our notifications are only sent via email.

Do donors get notified if someone leaves a comment on their public post? Can they turn those notifications off?

Yes, if someone leaves a comment on a supporter feed post, the donor will be sent an email notification. These notifications are not currently configurable.

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