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How to add travel packages to your auction with Inspirato for Good
How to add travel packages to your auction with Inspirato for Good

Verified nonprofit organizations can seamlessly add high-quality travel packages with modest reserve pricing, without leaving Givebutter.

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About Inspirato 🏖️

Inspirato is a luxury hospitality company that manages, staffs, and maintains a portfolio of branded luxury vacation homes and partner hotels and resorts. They offer charity auction travel packages through Inspirato for Good, which aims to create unforgettable experiences for donors and generate higher bids for nonprofit fundraisers. The process is commitment-free, and beyond a modest reserve price, nonprofits receive the entire winning bid amount.

How it works 🔎

  • Each travel package added to an auction has a reserve price set by Inspirato.

  • If bids on the travel package exceed the reserve price, the nonprofit organization running the auction receives the entire profit beyond the reserve price.

  • If successfully sold, the winner of an Inspirato travel package will receive:

    • An Inspirato luxury vacation, including all nightly rates, taxes, and fees.

    • A wide selection of travel dates, with one year to make their reservation and two years to complete their trip.

    • Expert pre-trip planning, an on-site concierge, and daily housekeeping.

    • A complimentary six-month subscription to the Inspirato Club, providing access to hundreds of luxury vacation options at members-only rates.

You do not need to create a separate Inspirato account to access their auction offerings on Givebutter, but you do need to be a verified nonprofit on Givebutter. Unverified accounts on Givebutter are not able to access this feature.

Add auction packages ➕

To add sponsored travel packages to your auction, head to your Page or Event campaign. If you haven't already set up an auction, you'll want to head to the Auction tab and add an auction to your campaign. If you already have an auction set up:

  • Go to the Auction tab on your campaign.

  • Click on the Items tab.

  • Click Add item > Auction packages.

add auction packages
  • A popup window will appear. Click View details if you want more information about a specific travel package.

Inspirato provides many options across different locations and durations of stay, so you can select the options you think your donors are most likely to bid on.

  • Review the details of the travel package. Once you've decided which travel package to add to your auction, click Import to auction.

You can add multiple packages to your auction.

  • Before listing, you can add your own description and images and hide the images imported by the sponsor (Inspirato) if you like.

    • If you add your own images, they will be displayed first.

    • If you add your own description, it will be displayed above the Inspirato description.

    • Please note that you cannot edit the name/title of the sponsored item.

  • Selling format and pricing options include:

    • Starting Price – Set a starting price for the first bid. (This cannot be lower than the reserve price. If the item amount is below the reserve price when the auction ends, the item will remain unsold.)

    • Buy It Now Price – Set a fixed price for bidders to purchase the item. (This must be higher than the reserve price.)

    • Reserve Price – Set the lowest price that the item must sell for. (This must be the same as or higher than the default item value. You cannot lower the reserve price from the default, but you can increase it – only the original reserve amount will go to Inspirato.)

    • Item Value – This is not editable. Indicates the retail value of the item being sold and serves as a guideline for bidders.

    • Bid Increment – Sets the minimum amount a price must be raised by during the auction.

If a reserve price is raised, the additional amount does not go to Inspirato – only the original reserve price goes to Inspirato, and your organization keeps any amount above the reserve price.

Example: You increase a $2,000 reserve price to $2,500. If the auction item sells for the reserve price, Inspirato gets $2,000, and your organization gets a $500 donation (subject to the standard processing fee of 2.9% + $0.30).

  • Click Save & List when you're ready to add it to the auction. You can also Save as Draft if you'd like to return to it later.

  • This is how a sponsored item will appear in your auction:

Important: Payment must be processed online through Givebutter. We will not be able to honor Inspirato packages paid by offline payment methods. Please ensure your donors process their payment online through Givebutter.

After purchase 🧳

After selling an Inspirato travel package, the nonprofit organization operating the campaign gets any profit beyond the reserve price set by Inspirato.

Example: If a travel package with a $2,000 reserve price is added to your auction, and the winning bid purchases it for $3,000, your organization gets a $1,000 donation (subject to the standard processing fee of 2.9% + $0.30). The reserve price goes back to Inspirato to cover the cost of the stay.

Inspirato for Good handles the entire reservation and booking process for the winner of the travel package. You do not need to manage travel plans for the winner or any aspect of the travel package.

If a donor wins or purchases a travel package through your auction and would like to contact Inspirato with questions, the Inspirato team will have access to their information – the winner's information is automatically forwarded.


Does the reserve price cover the transaction's processing fees?

If a travel package sells at the reserve price, the processing fees are included. If the purchase price of a package goes beyond the reserve price, the standard processing fee of 2.9% + $0.30 applies.

Do we need to be a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization to use this integration?

Yes – Inspirato for Good is for use by 501(c)(3) organizations. You can also review the Inspirato for Good legal disclaimer.

Do I need a separate account to manage my Inspirato for Good integration?

Nope! This is a built-in integration, and you do not need any type of Inspirato login or a separate account.

Can I pay for an Inspirato package with a check or cash?

No – payment for Inspirato packages must be processed through Givebutter. We will not be able to honor Inspirato packages paid by offline payment methods. Please ensure you complete your online payment on Givebutter.

Are Inspirato travel packages tax deductible?

Only the amount above fair market value (retail value) as listed in the package details is tax-deductible by the winner. If your travel package has a retail value of $2,000 and sells for $2,500, $500 of that purchase is tax-deductible.

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