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How to create and configure your auction
How to create and configure your auction

Add an auction to your campaign, then configure your dates, billing method, and more.

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Add an auction βž•

Auctions can be used with both Page and Event campaigns – you cannot add an auction to a Form campaign.

  • In your dashboard, click on the Page or Event campaign you'd like to add the auction to. Click on the Auction tab located at the top of the campaign manager.

  • Click the Add Auction button.

Configure your auction βš™οΈ

After an auction has been added to your campaign, you'll be redirected to a new settings menu where you can configure the details of your auction.

Date & Time πŸ“†

Set a date and time for bidding to open and close. Your auction will be live and viewable as soon as you create it, but items will not be available to bid on until this window begins.

Incorrect timezone displaying? The timezone of your auction will match the timezone setting for your account. You can change this in your Account tab, under the About section.

Bidding & Payments πŸ’³

  • Choose a bidding method.

    • Standard bidding (default) – Bidders place one bid at a time, per item. If they are outbid, they receive a notification and must return to place a higher bid manually.

      • Ideal for in-person auctions, or longer auctions where bidders have time to return and rebid manually.

    • Automatic bidding – Bidders set a maximum bid amount on an item. If other bids are placed, our system will automatically increase their bid until they are either the highest bidder, or their max bid had been exceeded. If they are outbid (max bid exceeded), they receive a notification and can return to increase their max bid.

      • Perfect for online-only auctions or high-attendance in-person events.

Looking for popcorn bidding? 🍿 Popcorn bidding (or dynamic bidding), is a way of giving outbid bidders opportunities to rebid on a slightly extended timeframe with each bid. This is not currently an option, however please take a look at the feature request to add popcorn bidding, and add a vote if this is something you'd like to see in the future!

  • Invoicing – Select a method for when to collect payment.

    • Immediately request - the bidder will either be auto-charged or emailed a payment request as soon as the bidding on an item concludes.

    • When the auction closes - the bidder will either be auto-charged or emailed a payment request when the entire auction is over.

  • Auto-Charge – Toggle this option on or off.

    • Auto-charge off – Winning bidders receive a payment request/invoice via email and will need to complete the payment by clicking the button in the email.

    • Auto-charge on – Winning bids are charged automatically to the bidder's credit card on file. There is a 5% platform fee on all auto-charge transactions.

Registration πŸ“

  • Choose whether to require payment information and shipping address.

  • Choose whether you'd like to allow or disable anonymous bidding.

  • Add custom terms and conditions for your auction.

  • Click Create Auction.

Once you create an auction it will be immediately visible and bidders can register to bid and preview your items. They won't be able to submit bids until the start date and time you have set.

Coming Soon items πŸ‘€

If you've created an auction but bidding hasn't opened yet, auction items will display as Coming Soon!

coming soon auction item

Pricing for auctions πŸ’΄

Like all Givebutter features, auctions is free thanks to optional tips we receive from donors. If you'd prefer to disable tips, enable Auto-Charge, or manually charge winners via the dashboard, a 5% platform fee applies instead. Smooth as butter. 🧈

When a bidder registers for your auction, they have the option to cover transaction and platform fees for you.

There is a credit card processing fee of 2.9% + 30 cents on all winning bid transactions and a platform fee of either 0% or 5%.

By default, your bidders will be sent an invoice upon winning an item. Invoices paid through Givebutter will have a 0% platform fee when tips are enabled, and a 5% platform fee if tips are disabled.

You may opt to charge your bidder’s credit cards on file either manually through the dashboard or automatically using our β€œauto-charge” feature. In both cases, a 5% platform fee will apply.

Donors who have opted not to cover fees will not be charged them, even if your campaign is set to "require fees." Instead, the fees will be deducted from their winning bid amount.

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