Auctions can be used with both Page and Event Campaigns.

Not sure which is best for you? Learn more in this article about Givebutter's Campaign types. Once you start a new Campaign, you can configure your Auction in a few easy steps. 👍

  1. From inside your Campaign, click on the AUCTION tab.

  2. Click the ADD AUCTION button.

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  3. Set a date and time for bidding to open and close. The timezone of your Auction will match the timezone setting for your Account. You can change this in your ACCOUNT tab under the ABOUT section.

    (Your Auction will be live and viewable as soon as you create it, but Items will not be available to bid on until this window begins.)

  4. Select a method for collecting payment.

    • Immediately: This option will send the winning bidder a notification as soon as the item has been won.

    • When Auction closes: This option will send the winning bidder a notification at the end of the Auction. If the bidder won multiple items, it'll include all the items in a single email.

  5. Toggle auto-charge on or off.

  6. Choose registration requirements for bidders.

  7. Add custom terms & conditions (optional.) For ideas, check out our blog post about Silent Auction Rules.


screenshot of steps 3 through 8

👉 FYI: Once you create an auction it will be immediately visible and bidders can register and preview your items. They won't be able to bid until the start date and time you have set in your Auction Settings (Step 3, above).

Auction Items will be displayed as "Coming Soon!" until the Auction begins. 👀

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