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Early Access Beta Features
How to enable Early Access Beta
How to enable Early Access Beta

Learn about and enable the Givebutter Early Access Beta program on your account.

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Get ready to dive into our Buttery Beta program, where you can taste-test and spread the innovation of our latest features before they're fully cooked. As a valued member, you'll be like a skilled butter connoisseur, helping us smooth out any rough edges with your valuable feedback. So don't wait! Butter believe it, being part of our Buttery Beta is an experience worth savoring! πŸ§ˆπŸš€

What is Early Access Beta? πŸ”Ž

Early Access Beta is a program that allows users to access and test new features and functionalities still under development or in the testing phase. These features are not yet available to the general public but are made accessible to a limited group of users who are interested in exploring and providing feedback on these upcoming additions.

Current features πŸ’‘

  • Convert non-winning auction bids into donations: Prompt auction participants who placed bids (but didn't win the item) to convert their bid amount to a donation for the organization.

Upcoming features ⏰

There aren't any upcoming features currently for Early Access Beta. Check back later for updates!

How to enable Early Access Beta ⚑️

  • In the menu on your Givebutter dashboard, click on Account, then click About.

  • Click on Organization Profile, and scroll to the bottom of the page.

  • Under Beta Access, enable the toggle.

You can opt out of our Beta program any time in your dashboard.

FAQ πŸ€”

Why should I join Early Access Beta?

  • Exclusive Access: Early Access Beta participants get to experience cutting-edge features before they are officially released, giving them a head start on leveraging new capabilities.

  • Feedback Opportunities: Users can provide valuable feedback to developers, helping them identify issues, refine features, and improve overall user experience.

  • Influence on Development: Participants may have the chance to influence the direction of the features and contribute to shaping the final product.

Important: Early Access Beta features are still in development, so they might be unstable, undergo changes, or have some limitations. Participants should be prepared to encounter bugs or issues and understand that not all features may make it to the final release.

Will I be notified when a new feature is added?

Yes, you will receive an email notification when a new feature or change is introduced to Early Access Beta.

How do I disable Early Access Beta?

If you would like to turn off Early Access Beta, all you need to do is follow the above steps to access this setting and toggle the option to the "off" position.

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