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How to add custom travel packages to your auction with Winspire
How to add custom travel packages to your auction with Winspire

Verified nonprofits can add customized luxury travel packages to a Givebutter auction by connecting with a fundraising specialist.

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About Winspire 🧳

Winspire is a company that caters entirely to nonprofit organizations, providing custom travel experiences for fundraising auctions, without any upfront cost to the organization. This allows nonprofits to promote big-ticket items in their auction, raising more for their cause! The team at Winspire will design luxury experiences to suit particular locations and price points that work best for your organization.

How it works πŸ”Ž

  • Winspire works with your organization to curate travel packages to suit the needs of your audience. You also have access to over 200 pre-made packages.

Please allow 1 week turnaround for custom package curation. Pre-made packages available on the Winspire site are available same-day.

  • You'll add package content (provided by Winspire) to your auction, including copy, images, retail value, and the minimum set price (reserve price) for the package.

  • If packages sell at auction, Winspire will generate an invoice which is paid by your organization. Your organization keeps 100% of the profits above the set reserve price. You'll only pay for the packages sold at your event, and you keep every dollar raised above the reserve price. If no packages sell, your organization isn't charged.

  • Upon receipt of payment, Winspire assigns the winner a concierge, and travel is arranged directly between the winner and Winspire.

Winspire is only for use by verified nonprofit accounts on Givebutter.

Get started with Winspire βœ‰οΈ

To contact Winspire about adding customized travel packages to your auction, go to the Winspire website, and fill out the contact form. A Winspire fundraising specialist will be in touch to help you get started.

FAQ πŸ€”

I have questions about adding Winspire packages to my auction.

All questions regarding Winspire packages should be directed to the Winspire team. Givebutter does not curate travel packages or add these to your auction – your Winspire fundraising specialist will assist you with this.

How are Winspire packages added to an auction?

All Winspire packages are manually added to an auction by yourself or another admin on your Givebutter account. Descriptions, photos, and pricing information is all provided by your Winspire representative – all you need to do is upload them. Please note that the Givebutter team is not able to add Winspire items to your auction on your behalf.

How does fulfillment work for travel packages?

Fulfillment is entirely handled by the Winspire concierge team. Your nonprofit organization will coordinate directly with Winspire on any fulfillment questions.

Is airfare included in Winspire packages?

It depends on how your Winspire package was set up. Packages can be configured to include or exclude airfare, so if you're a donor/bidder, be sure to check the details of your travel package before bidding. Packages that exclude airfare result in a lower starting price, as well as the option for donors to use their own air miles, reward points, or credit.

When does travel need to be completed for Winspire trips? Are there time limits?

After payment is complete, Winspire packages must be booked within one year. Travel must be completed within two years.

Are Winspire travel packages tax deductible?

Only the amount above fair market value (retail value) as listed in the package details is tax-deductible by the winner. If your travel package has a retail value of $2,000 and sells for $2,500, $500 of that purchase is tax-deductible.

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