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How to source corporate-sponsored auction items using the ShareWay
How to source corporate-sponsored auction items using the ShareWay

The ShareWay is a directory of corporate donors offering food, beverages, auction and raffle items, and more.

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Say goodbye to going door-to-door and soliciting donations from businesses! The ShareWay is a platform that connects organizations (ie. schools and nonprofits) to auction item donors (local businesses).


Over 20,000 organizations across the country have used the ShareWay to secure items from corporate donors, including Habitat for Humanity and the Salvation Army, as well as thousands of PTAs and PTOs. Sign up now →

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How it works 👀

  • Go to, and create an event to begin sourcing donations.

  • Select an event date and location, and the type of products you want to source.

  • The ShareWay will create a list of businesses in your area that are donating the items you're looking for, including their approval and response rates.

  • Complete applications for donations from local businesses. On average, ShareWay users procure about $4,000 in donation values, per event.

Please note that auction items you source via the ShareWay are not automatically added to your Givebutter auction – you will need to list auction items yourself.

Best practices ⭐

  • Send as many applications as you can – More companies donate to charity than you may realize – 75% of small businesses and 94% of restaurants donate to charitable causes.

  • Start applying early – Begin applying for donations at least two months before your event date! Half of all companies donating through the ShareWay have application deadlines of 6 weeks before the event date.

  • Keep in touch – Follow up with corporate donation sponsors! Sponsors are more likely to approve your application if you follow up with them once or twice.


What is the ShareWay?
The ShareWay is a platform that connects organizations (ie. schools and nonprofits) to local businesses and corporate sponsors that donate products to charitable causes – you do not need to purchase these items, as they are being donated to your organization.

Who can use the ShareWay?

Nonprofits and schools looking for food, beverage, silent auction, goodie bag, and raffle item donations for their events can all use TheShareWay. These events can include galas, 5k/10k runs, volunteer appreciations, or any other fundraiser. Some sponsors require an organization to be a 501(c)3 nonprofit in order to apply.

Is the ShareWay free? How much does it cost?

The ShareWay offers a free plan, and you can upgrade to a paid plan if you'd like access to more features – paid plans also come with a 7-day free trial. Check out the ShareWay pricing page for more information →

When should I start using the ShareWay? What are the deadlines?

About 75% of the applications in the ShareWay donor directory are due 1 to 2 months before the event date. The ShareWay recommend starting at least six weeks before your event. For maximum benefit, we suggest starting three months before your event. Members who get the most donations start even earlier (6 to 12 months ahead)!

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