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How to add a Givebutter donation button to your organization's POINT profile
How to add a Givebutter donation button to your organization's POINT profile

Convert volunteers into donors, while streamlining all of your fundraising efforts and data within your Givebutter account.

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POINT is a volunteer management platform that allows nonprofits to streamline volunteer coordination, including recruitment and reporting tools. This integration allows organizations that use POINT to accept donations from volunteers, directly on the organization's POINT page – powered by Givebutter.

Volunteers visiting your organization's POINT profile will see a Donate button in the upper right corner of the page. When clicked, this button expands into a customizable donation checkout flow, without redirecting volunteers to a new page.

Add a donation button ⚙️

Before you can add a Givebutter donation button to your organization's POINT profile, you'll need to sign up for a free Givebutter account.

Please note that this integration is set up in POINT, rather than Givebutter. After creating your Givebutter account, return to POINT to set up the integration.

A Givebutter donation button on POINT is added like an embedded Widget on an external site, installed in two parts – the library and the Widget itself.

Install the library script 📜

  • Sign into the POINT Admin Dashboard and click Integrations in the left menu. You'll find Givebutter under the Fundraising category. Select View.

integration menu in point
  • Change the toggle to the Yes position to enable the integration with Givebutter.

enable integration
  • Navigate back to your Givebutter dashboard, and in the sidebar menu on the left side of the page, click on the campaign you'd like to embed on your organization's POINT page.

select a campaign

If you're new to Givebutter, you must create your first campaign! You can embed any campaign type on POINT.

  • In your campaign manager, click on the Sharing tab in the top navigation, then select Widgets from the sub-menu on the left side of the page.

  • Click Installation, located towards the right side of the page.

  • In the window that appears, click I use another platform.

platform selection
  • A list of instructions will appear. Copy the library script code shown under step 1, and head back to POINT.

  • In POINT, paste the library code you copied in the Script Snippet section and click Save.

script snippet

Install the Widget code 💻

  • Go back to Givebutter and exit out of the library installation instructions. You'll see a couple of Widget format options for the campaign you've selected. Click Embed under the Form option.

Please note that you must select Form – if you select a Button Widget, the embed will not work on POINT.

embed form
  • In the window that pops up, copy the code at the top and head back to POINT.

    widget code
  • In POINT, paste the code in the Widget Snippet section and click Save.

Add the campaign link 🔗

  • The last step is to add the Givebutter campaign link to POINT. At the top of your Givebutter campaign manager, copy the campaign URL.

campaign url
  • In POINT, paste the campaign URL in the Form Link section and click Save.

Submitting a donation 💸

  • On your organization's POINT profile, you'll see a Donate button near the upper right corner of the page.

  • Click the button to open up the checkout flow.

  • Select the amount you'd like to donate, and click Continue.

The amounts shown can be customized, and you can also add descriptions!

  • Choose the supported payment option you'd like to use, and follow the prompts to complete payment.


Is POINT free? How much does it cost?

POINT has a free plan available. If you need additional features for volunteer management (such as background checks), you can sign up for their Pro plan.

Is Givebutter free? How much does it cost to use this integration?

Givebutter is free to use thanks to the 100% optional tips we receive from donors. If you'd prefer to hide tips from donors, a low, flat-rate platform fee applies instead. Regardless of tips or platform fees, a standard processing fee always applies to each donation. The processing fee can be required or optionally covered by your donors. The POINT integration itself has no cost associated with it.

Do I need accounts on POINT and Givebutter to use this integration?

Yes, you will need an account on both POINT and Givebutter to use this integration – this is because your fundraising campaigns (and payouts) are managed via Givebutter, and POINT is your volunteer management platform.

I added a donation button to POINT. Can I make changes to the campaign?

Yes! You can make changes at any time, and they will be updated dynamically on your POINT donation button – no need to reinstall the code.

Apple Pay isn't appearing as an option on my POINT donation button.

This is as expected – limitations set by Apple prevent it from being used in embedded iFrames. You can still use Google Pay, Venmo, or PayPal if you'd like to use an online payment method or digital wallet! You can also review all of our available payment options.

I have questions about using POINT. Who do I contact?

If you have questions about POINT, email them directly at [email protected], or send them a message. If you have questions about your Givebutter account or fundraising campaign, you can contact us via chat or email.

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