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How to embed a Signup Form Widget on your website
How to embed a Signup Form Widget on your website

Embeddable Signup Form Widgets collect essential contact information, so you can build stronger relationships with your supporters.

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Signup Forms allow your organization to add an embedded form (or popup) to your external website, enabling you to capture potential donor information for your newsletter mailing list. Contact form entries are automatically added as new contacts in your Givebutter account, so you can send them personalized messages, and turn your mailing list subscribers into supporters!

sign up form

Information captured 🔎

✅ Name

✅ Email (if enabled)

✅ Phone number (if enabled)

Signup Forms do not collect:

❌ Mailing address

❌ Custom fields or other information

Create a Signup Form Widget 🎨

You will need to be an admin on your Givebutter account to create a Signup Form Widget.

  • Navigate to Account > Integrations and click on Widgets in the sub-menu.

Why is the Signup Form Widget option not appearing on my campaign's Sharing tab? Signup Form Widgets are not tied to a specific campaign like Button and Form Widgets, which directly link the checkout flow of a campaign. You'll only find Signup Form Widgets under Account > Integrations.

  • Select Subscription form from the available Widget options.


  • Widget name – Add a name for internal use. This will not be displayed publicly, and is used for categorizing this specific mailing list, as well as filtering your contacts so you can utilize your mailing list via your Contacts page, or in Engage.

  • Communication channel – Select which information to collect. Options include:

    • Email

    • Phone number

    • Email and phone number

  • Form type – Select the format of your Widget. Options include:

    • Popup – Appears as a popup modal when a viewer lands on the page.

    • Static – Appears as an embedded form in a static location on the page.

  • Form open delay – Only applicable if you've selected a Popup for your Form type. Sets a delay (in milliseconds) for when the popup window should appear after the page loads.


  • Title – Set a title for display on the Signup Form, ie. "Subscribe to our newsletter!"

  • Button text – Set the text to display on the action button, ie. "Subscribe"

  • Description (optional) – Set a description for your Signup Form that explains what the contact is signing up for, and how often you will contact them.


  • Layout – Select the desired layout for your Signup Form. Options include:

    • Simple (no images)

    • Stacked (supports an image)

    • Two Column (supports an image)

styling layout options
  • Form corner radius – Set a value for rounded corners, 0-30. (For sharp corners, use 0.)

  • Button background color – Set a color for the background of the action button.

  • Button text color – Set a color for the text on the action button.

When you've configured your Widget, click Publish.

Install a Signup Form Widget ⚙️

Widgets are installed in two parts: the library, and the Widget itself. To get started with creating and managing Widgets, visit your Givebutter dashboard.

Add the library 📖

If you've never installed a Widget before, you'll need to first set up the library on your external website. To do this, click the Installation button on the Integrations > Widgets page. Ensure your website platform is selected, and follow the instructions, which vary depending on the platform.

Once the library code has been added successfully, the Widgets heading will say Library installed in green.

Embed a Signup Form ➕

If you have not yet successfully installed the library code, you will be prompted to add it before you can see the available Widget options.

Once your Widget has been published, it will be available under Integrations > Widgets.

  • Click Embed on the Widget you'd like to install on your external site. A popup window will appear with instructions. Please note that these instructions vary based on website provider.

how to embed
  • Copy the short snippet of code located at the top of the How to embed window, and paste it in your website's code, wherever you would like the Widget to appear.

  • The Signup Form Widget will appear on your website. When someone fills out and submits the form, their contact information will appear automatically in your Givebutter account.

Using your mailing lists ✉️

You can easily sort your new contacts by adding a filter to view specific mailing lists.

  • On your Contacts page, click Add filter.

  • Under the Contact filter menu, select Widget Form Sign-ups, and select which Widgets you'd like to include.

The Signup Form Widget name shown here is the Widget name you set during the configuration process.

filter by signup form


Can I create multiple Signup Forms?

Yes! You can create as many Signup Form Widgets as you like.

How can I tell a contact signed up using a Signup Form?

Contacts that signed up via a Signup Form Widget will be categorized using the name of the Signup Form. For example, if your Signup Form was called "March Mailing List" and wanted to see which contacts you should target, you'd enable the March Mailing List filter on your Contacts page. This allows you to target these specific signups using Engage.

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