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Beta feature: How to convert non-winning bids into donations
Beta feature: How to convert non-winning bids into donations
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Convert your auction bidders into donors! This Early Access Beta feature prompts auction participants who submitted a bid (but did not win the item) to submit a donation to your campaign instead.

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Please note that until this feature is publicly released, it is a growth project experiment, and this current messaging iteration is subject to change based on performance.

How it works πŸ‘€

  • After an auction ends, participants (people who submitted a bid but did not win an item) will receive an email asking if they'd like to turn their bid into a donation.

  • If clicked, the Donate button will direct users to the main campaign page to submit a donation.

This prompt will not automatically pre-fill the donation amount of the bid the participant placed – they will need to enter their own amount.

How to enable Early Access Beta ⚑️

  • In the menu on your Givebutter dashboard, click on Account, then click About.

  • Click on Organization Profile, and scroll to the bottom of the page.

  • Under Beta Access, enable the toggle.

You can opt out of our Beta program at any time in your dashboard.

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