How do withdrawals work?

We know how important it is for you to get the funds you raise quickly and securely, which is why we don't set any limits on when or how often you can withdraw and provide a range of options for you to do so. 

There are three ways to collect/send funds:

Direct deposit via bank account or debit card

Follow these directions to link a debit card for direct deposit, secured by Stripe. Deposits can take up to 3-5 business days to appear in your account.

Note: Debit card transfers are limited to $3,000 per withdrawal maximum and split-payouts are not available.

Send to beneficiary

If you've linked another Givebutter Account as the beneficiary of your campaign, they'll be able to withdraw funds directly from their Givebutter Account. To link another Givebutter Account as the beneficiary of your campaign, follow these directions.

If you haven't linked a beneficiary account but still would like to send funds directly to another organization, you can add the beneficiary's bank information and request the payout on their behalf.

Additional notes:

  • All payouts are subject to a manual approval process to prevent fraud and suspicious activity.

  • All donations are initially marked as "pending" and become available on a 3-day rolling basis after a donation is made.

  • Payouts are a completely free service, meaning that Givebutter covers the cost of all processing fees. You can leave us a tip if you have a good experience, although this is completely optional.

  • At this time, we only support direct deposits for bank accounts in the United States. Click here to record your interest in payout methods for other countries and currencies on our product roadmap.

How to withdraw funds

After adding your payout information, it's easy to withdraw via the Payouts tab in your Dashboard. Simply click the Withdraw button next to a given campaign and follow the confirmation prompts on your screen. To view the details of your payout, click the plus button next to the campaign name. Upon completing a Withdraw, you'll be sent an email confirmation.

Do I have to reach my goal?

No, goals are completely optional and do not affect payouts in any way.

We hope you exceed your goal every time, but if you do happen to fall short, you will still be able to withdraw funds without an issue.

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