How can I donate with Venmo?

All campaigns on Givebutter support Venmo as a payment option for those using smartphones or tablets.

Givebutter is very excited to be the first major fundraising platform to offer Venmo as a method of payment to donors. To donate with Venmo, first, navigate to the campaign on Givebutter using your smartphone or tablet

Please note: Donors using a desktop/computer who wish to donate with Venmo have the option to receive a text with a link to complete the donation from their phone.

Step-by-step directions for donating with Venmo

  1. Navigate to your campaign on Givebutter and click Donate

  2. Choose an amount

  3. Credit a team member and leave a comment (both optional)

  4. Click the blue Venmo button

  5. Authorize Givebutter on the Venmo app

  6. Enter your name and email for a receipt and click Finish — that's it!

Common questions about Venmo donations

Can I donate directly via the Venmo app?
No. The only way to donate using Venmo is through a Givebutter campaign link, which is compatible with all mobile web browsers.

How is Givebutter able to accept Venmo donations?
Givebutter has direct access to the Venmo Developer API, which allows us to authorize and charge Venmo accounts just as we do through our integrations with PayPal and Apple/Google/Microsoft Pay.

Can nonprofits use Venmo?
They can if they use Givebutter! According to the Venmo website, their nonprofit program is in private beta and has been as such for years:

"Our nonprofit account program is currently in private beta, and we are no longer accepting applications from nonprofits to facilitate the collection of donations."

How are Venmo donations paid out?
Organizations on Givebutter don't actually need a Venmo account to withdraw Venmo donations. Givebutter supports built-in instant payouts to any bank account or debit card.

What else can I use Givebutter for?
Our Venmo integration isn't limited to simple donations! You can also buy/sell tickets using Venmo, run peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns with Venmo, and even use Text-to-Donate with Venmo — all powered by the completely free Givebutter platform.

Ready to start accepting Venmo payments?

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