Expand your fundraising audience by offering Venmo as a payment option.

Do I have to link my Venmo account to receive Venmo donations?

Nope! All fundraisers on Givebutter have Venmo automatically built-in as a payment option for donors, with no setup necessary. 🎉

Venmo donations are treated like any other donation on Givebutter and can be withdrawn directly from your Givebutter dashboard along with all other funds raised.

screenshot of payment method available in checkout

How do I donate to a Givebutter campaign with Venmo?

  1. At the end of the checkout process, select Venmo as the payment method. If you are on a computer, you will be prompted to open Venmo on your mobile device to complete the donation via a custom QR code.

  2. Authorize Givebutter on the Venmo app.

  3. Enter your name and email for a receipt and click FINISH — that's it!

video of donation via venmo

Try it out! 📱

See Venmo in action by going through the donation flow on any of our demo campaigns, such as https://demo.givebutter.com/form


Can I donate directly via the Venmo app?

No. The only way to donate using Venmo is through a Givebutter campaign link, which is compatible with all mobile web browsers. You must be using the native browser on your device.

Why isn't Venmo showing up as a payment option?

  • On mobile devices, you'll need to access the Campaign page from your device's default browser in order for Venmo to appear as a payment option.

    • For iOS devices, use Safari. For Android devices, use Chrome.

  • You must have the Venmo application downloaded on your device.

  • You must be logged in to Venmo on your device.

  • You must have a valid source of funds connected to your Venmo account.

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