Taking contact management to the next level

By tracking individuals' interactions with your organization, giving histories, and preferences Givebutter creates a single, unified view of your donors inside Contacts.

Organized donor data is vital to deliver both excellent customer service and continued stewardship. To maximize the value of this information, we've developed a sophisticated contact management system that tracks the entire customer journey every step of the way. Then, using our targeted marketing and outreach, you can connect donor engagement back to donations.

Follow this guide to enable and manage Contacts on your account.

How to enable Contacts on your Givebutter account

  • Select Enable Contacts to unlock this FREE feature. If you're Account has processed Transactions, Givebutter will automatically create Contacts for them at this time.

More About Automatic Data Check

Contact matching is based on a combination of name and email/phone. Givebutter detects potential duplicates and runs contact validation on a nightly basis. Those potential duplicate and invalid contacts are surfaced for you as notifications in the Contacts tab.

Automatically suggested deduplication

A warning message is displayed in the Contacts tab when we detected a Contact duplicate.

  • Select the desired Contact, then click Merge or ignore potential duplicates.

Manually merge Contacts

  • To manually merge two contacts navigating to the duplicate Contact and select the (...) > Merge Contact.

  • Type to search the name of the desired primary Contact you'd like to keep.

  • Click Merge Contact.

Automatic Contact Validation (coming soon!)

A warning message is displayed in the Contacts tab when an invalid or bad email or invalid phone number is detected inside a Contact. An invalid or bad email

  • Click View Contacts to validate manually

  • Select Edit contact to make adjustments.

  • Save Changes when you're finished.

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