Contact matching through our automatic data check is based on a combination of name, email, and phone number. Givebutter detects potential duplicates and runs contact validation on a nightly basis. You'll be notified of potential duplicates in the Contacts tab.

Arrow pointing to the view duplicate contacts button

How to automatically merge duplicate Contacts

  1. Navigate to the CONTACTS tab on the left-hand menu bar.

  2. Click VIEW CONTACTS in the notification at the top showing that there are potential duplicates.

  3. In the list that populates, compare Contact #1 to Contact #2.

    1. If you want to combine the contacts, choose the Contact information you want to keep as primary by selecting the radio button by "Contact #1" or "Contact #2". Then, click MERGE.

    2. If you want the contacts to remain separate, click IGNORE.

Arrow pointing to the merge button on a view of two duplicate contacts

How to manually merge Contacts

  1. Navigate to the CONTACTS tab on the left-hand menu bar.

  2. Search for the Contact with the information you want to keep as primary in the merge.

    Arrow pointing at the Contacts search bar
  3. Click on the name of the duplicate Contact.

  4. Click the three dots (...) next to their name.

    Arrow pointing at the ellipse on the Contact details page
  5. Choose MERGE CONTACT.

  6. In the popup box, type to search for the name of the Contact information you'd like to merge as secondary.


Arrow pointing at the merge contact button that appears in the popup after

Automatic Contact Validation (Coming soon!)

A warning message is displayed in the Contacts tab when an invalid or bad email or invalid phone number is detected inside a Contact. An invalid or bad email

  • Click View Contacts to validate manually

  • Select Edit contact to make adjustments.

Arrow pointing to the view contacts button on the Contacts page
Arrow pointing to the edit contact button on the validation tab
  • Save Changes when you're finished.

Arrow pointing to the save changes button on the contact details popup

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