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How to add corporate gift matching with Double the Donation
How to add corporate gift matching with Double the Donation

Automatically discover donors' matching gift eligibility and double their impact by adding corporate matching to your fundraising campaigns

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Givebutter and Double the Donation are dedicated to creating a simple and effective experience for users and donors alike. By integrating 360MatchPro’s advanced matching gift tools with Givebutter's online fundraising campaigns, nonprofits, schools, and other fundraisers can increase the impact of their efforts by adding employer matching gifts to their fundraising strategy.

How it works 🛠️

The 360MatchPro platform provides nonprofits with tools to identify match-eligible donors, drive matches to completion, and gain actionable insights. 360MatchPro integrates directly into donation forms, CRMs, social fundraising software, and other nonprofit technology solutions to capture employment information and follow up appropriately with donors about matching gifts.

double the donation

Integration features ✅

  • Identify more matching gift revenue opportunities – 360MatchPro enables you to automatically collect matching gift eligibility from donors using email domains, within donation forms, on confirmation screens, or by email. The more matching gift opportunities 360MatchPro discovers and shares with donors, the more matching gift requests your donors will successfully submit.

  • Drive more matches to completion, from form submission to corporate payment – Direct donors immediately to their matching gift forms after completing the donation process. Then, provide the right information to the right donors at the right time with custom emails based on match eligibility. Targeted follow-ups drive more completed submissions, bringing exponentially more matching gift checks from companies through your door.

  • Reallocate your time from routine follow-up to your top opportunities – Your time is valuable, so why spend it chasing small dollar-value matching gifts? Let 360MatchPro automate your matching gift outreach while flagging your highest-value opportunities, allowing your team to personalize follow-ups to the most valuable match-eligible donations. Rest easy knowing that 360MatchPro can handle the rest.

Why matching gifts? 🤔

Corporate matching gifts are everywhere

  • 65% of Fortune 500 companies offer corporate matching gift programs.

  • 15-19 million individuals in the US (10% of the US workforce) are eligible for corporate matching gifts.

  • $4 to $7 billion in matching gift revenue is left on the table every year.

Donors need help navigating corporate matching

  • 78% of match-eligible donors have no idea whether their employer offers a matching gift program.

  • 7% of match-eligible donors actually submit a matching gift request.

  • The matching gift revenue gap is a donor awareness gap.

360MatchPro-GivingFuel Integrated Flow 🔘

Step 1: Giving Form

The donor makes a gift on a giving form, identifying their corporate match eligibility on the giving form.

  • The streamlined search field will auto-complete the donor’s entry whether they begin typing at the beginning, middle, or end of their company name.

  • Field accounts for major brands, subsidiaries, parent companies, etc.

  • If the company isn’t in the database, the donor’s entry is stored as plain text and still passed into 360MatchPro.

Step 2: Confirmation Page

360MatchPro provides the next steps directly on the page.

  • The plugin also expands to the proper company when the donor uses a corporate email address.

    confirmation page

Remember! Most donors don’t know what corporate matching gifts are, how to check if they’re eligible, or what to do. You need to provide this information or a way for them to get it quickly.

Step 3: Automated Emails

360MatchPro automatically sends matching gift information to donors, either delivering the next steps or discovering eligibility. (Configurable)

  • Post-transaction, donors receive follow-up email messaging encouraging them to take their matching gift next steps, which are directly linked in the email.

  • Emails come directly from your organization’s email domain.

  • Organizations can set sending delays to deliver emails hours or days after the initial donation.

Result: Emails are less likely to be caught in a spam filter when they come from a recognizable email domain. Donors are less likely to archive or delete emails that aren’t sent directly after a transaction is made because they don’t seem like a receipt.

  • All donors will receive follow-up email messaging, not just those who identified their employer during the donation process.

  • Donors with unknown employers will be prompted to search for their company name.

  • Once 360MatchPro identifies where donors work, donors receive all the information they need to take their next steps.

Result: Many donors are eligible for matching gifts even though they skipped the company name search field on the donation form. These emails give donors with unknown eligibility another opportunity for matching gift identification.

Step 4: Data

360MatchPro delivers actionable analytics back to your organization.

  • Your 360MatchPro portal displays all the information you need about each transaction.

  • Company name, matching gift status, and email activity are recorded.

  • Track down individual gifts or get high-level reports on your corporate matching gift progress, filtered and processed however you need.

Result: Let 360MatchPro automation handle the majority of your matching gift operations while you focus on developing closer relationships with major corporate partnership opportunities.

Click the button above to connect with the Double the Donation team to begin enabling the integration, or email [email protected]. We are happy to make an e-introduction!

Set up your integration 🔁

Find your Double the Donation API keys

  • Visit your Double the Donation dashboard.

  • Locate both the Private and Public API Keys.

Add your Double the Donation API key into Givebutter

  • Visit your dashboard and click on the Account tab in the left-hand menu bar.

  • Click on Integrations, locate the Double the Donation box and click Expand.

  • Paste in your Double the Donation API keys and click Save.


Is Double the Donation free?
The integration itself (between Givebutter and Match360) is free, however Match360Pro is a paid service.

Does Double the Donation work with ticket purchases?

Double the Donation is designed to work with donations, not ticket purchases. A donor will need to select an additional optional donation in order to select employer gift matching in the checkout process.

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