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How to integrate Bloomerang with Givebutter
How to integrate Bloomerang with Givebutter

Sync your Givebutter transactions into your Bloomerang account

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Givebutter's native Bloomerang integration allows you to sync all your Givebutter transactions into your Bloomerang account, including donations and tickets. Stay organized by selecting the Funds, Campaigns, and Appeals in Bloomerang you'd like your Givebutter transactions mapped to, on a campaign-by-campaign basis.

You can also sync peer-to-peer fundraising data with soft credits, letting you track team member fundraising efforts, as well as sync recurring donations, and manage your constituents in Bloomerang directly.

Only transactional data is synced to Bloomerang – ticket check-in, correspondence, and other actions are not synced to Bloomerang.

Integration setup βš™οΈ

To configure this integration, you'll need to add your Bloomerang API key into Givebutter.

  • In Bloomerang, click Settings in the left-hand sidebar, and select Integrations.

integrations settings
  • At the bottom of the Settings page, locate the section called API Keys v1.0 and copy the Private API Key.

Givebutter only uses v1.0 API Keys. Please ensure you do not copy the v2.0 key.

  • Visit your Givebutter dashboard, click on Account Settings at the bottom of the lefthand sidebar, and head to your Integrations page.

If you don't see the Integrations page, you're an editor on this Givebutter account, and do not have access. Please seek assistance from your account admin.

  • In the Third Party section, locate Bloomerang and click Expand.

  • Paste your Bloomerang API key in the box, and click Save.

enter api key

Map your data πŸ”

To transfer data from Givebutter to the correct places in Bloomerang, you'll need to map your data. You can map your Givebutter campaigns to their appropriate Campaigns, Funds, and Appeals in Bloomerang, as applicable. Each Givebutter campaign can be mapped to only one Bloomerang Campaign, Fund, and Appeal at a time.

No transaction data will be transferred if a campaign hasn't been mapped. This integration requires Campaign Mapping in order to transfer Givebutter data to the correct location in Bloomerang.

  • In Givebutter, head to your Bloomerang integration on the Integrations page.

  • Under the Campaign Mapping section, you'll see a list of your Givebutter campaigns. For each campaign you'd like to sync to Bloomerang, click the dropdown arrow to expand.

  • Select a Bloomerang Fund to map this campaign to. Transactions from this Givebutter campaign will be synced to the selected Fund in Bloomerang.

  • You can also sync transactions to a specific Bloomerang Campaign and Appeal, as applicable. These are both optional fields.

  • Click Save when you're done.

Your Givebutter data will now be synced to the appropriate places in Bloomerang for all future transactions.

The integration will not sync past data automatically – run a Historical Sync if you would like to send historical data to Bloomerang additionally.

Refresh your data πŸ”„

Refreshing ensures that the latest Bloomerang options are displayed in Givebutter. It's also an ideal first troubleshooting step! If you create a new Campaign, Fund, or Appeal (or rename any of these) in Bloomerang, you'll need to refresh your integration to access any new fields and prevent sync errors.

  • In your Givebutter dashboard, click on the Integrations page.

  • Under Third Party, locate Bloomerang and click the dropdown arrow to expand.

  • Click the Refresh button located near the top of the section.

Run a Historical Sync πŸ•°οΈ

If you've already raised funds on Givebutter (or mapped a campaign with previous transactions), these will not be synced to Bloomerang automatically. If you want to send past transactions to Bloomerang, you can run a Historical Sync. Historical Syncs are performed for each Givebutter campaign individually.

Duplicates will result if you've manually added missing transactions to Bloomerang and perform a Historical Sync.

  • In your Bloomerang integration, locate the relevant campaign, and click the dropdown arrow to expand.

  • Click the Run Historical Sync button.

  • Repeat this process if you have multiple campaigns you wish to sync.

historical sync

Settings βš’οΈ

There are a couple additional settings you can configure for this integration. To access the Bloomerang integration settings, click on Settings, located under the Campaign Mapping section of the integration.


Default Acknowledgment Status βœ‰οΈ

Default Acknowledgement Status is the acknowledgment status of the transaction after it's been synced to Bloomerang.

  • Set this to No if you plan to send an additional thank you message.

  • Set this to Yes if Givebutter's automated receipt email works as an acknowledgment and you don't plan to send an additional thank you message.

Zero Value Transactions πŸ’΅

By default, the integration will not sync $0 transactions to your Bloomerang account. If your organization holds events that process free tickets (or free tickets as a result of a promo code) and would like to sync that donor information to Bloomerang, set this setting to Sync $0 Transactions.

Sync icons + statuses 🚦

When a Givebutter campaign has been successfully mapped to Bloomerang, transactions to that Givebutter campaign will display an integration sync icon on the Transactions page.

sync icons
  • Green icon – The transaction has successfully synced to Bloomerang.

  • Red icon – A sync error has occurred. This is often due to an incorrectly mapped campaign, or a Fund name being changed in Bloomerang. Please double check your mapping settings, and refresh the integration.

  • No icon – If a transaction does not have an icon, this is either a transaction submitted to a Givebutter campaign that was not mapped, or a transaction that occurred before the integration was connected.

    • Check which campaign the transaction is for, then head to your Bloomerang integration to ensure that the campaign is mapped to Bloomerang. Refresh, then run a Historical Sync.

    • If the campaign has been mapped to Bloomerang, the transaction may have taken place before you connected the integration. Past transactions can be synced retroactively by running a Historical Sync.

Disabling the integration ❌

If you need to disable the Bloomerang integration for any reason, click the Enable Syncing toggle switch to turn it off. When this option is disabled, no transaction data will be synced to Bloomerang. If re-enabled, new transactions will sync to Bloomerang.

enable syncing

Transactions that occurred while the integration was disabled will not sync unless a Historical Sync is performed.

FAQ πŸ€”

My data isn't syncing to Bloomerang.

  • Refresh the integration to ensure the most up-to-date Bloomerang fields appear in the dropdown menus.

  • Check to ensure you've mapped your Givebutter campaign to the correct fields in your Bloomerang account. This includes checking that the mapped fields exist in Bloomerang – a Fund, Campaign, or Appeal that was deleted in Bloomerang can cause a sync error. Save and refresh your integration.

  • For past transactions, run a Historical Sync.

  • If you're still not seeing your data in Bloomerang, please reach out to our team by clicking the chat bubble anywhere on our site or email [email protected].

Is the Bloomerang integration free?

Yes, the Bloomerang integration is free! If you have a Bloomerang subscription, you can connect your Bloomerang account to start syncing your data immediately.

Why do covered fees sync to Bloomerang as part of the donation? Can this be separated?

Givebutter considers the total amount a donor paid as their donation. If a donor chooses to cover any fees, the total amount (donation plus covered fees) will be synced to Bloomerang. These cannot currently be separated. If you would like the option to split the payment between donation and fees, please upvote this feature request.

I'm getting an error saying the connection fails to establish.

This is likely due to the wrong API key being used. Double check that you've pasted the v1.0 key, not the v2.0 key – Givebutter is only compatible with the v1.0 version.

Limitations of the Bloomerang API:

Due to the nature of the Bloomerang API, there are a few things to be aware of.

  • Givebutter will attempt to sync subsequent recurring gift transactions into Bloomerang as part of the recurring gift record. Bloomerang's API does not allow for updating recurring gifts, so in the case of a change in a plan, Givebutter will first attempt to mark the existing plan as Ended, create a new plan, and sync the transaction as part of a new plan. In some cases, this isn't possible because the plan was modified in Givebutter before the transaction could sync to Bloomerang. In this case, Givebutter will sync the transaction as a standalone transaction, not connected to a recurring plan.

  • Custom Fields do not sync over to Bloomerang due to their custom nature. You can export this information using a Transaction Export and upload it to Bloomerang.

  • The Fund Designator (Account settings β†’Tools β†’ Funds) is for users who are not Bloomerang users. Each campaign in Givebutter can only sync to one Bloomerang Fund, Campaign, or Appeal at a time.

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