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How to access the Givebutter public API key
How to access the Givebutter public API key

How to generate your own API keys and access the Givebutter API documentation.

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Givebutter is proud to be among the few fundraising platforms that offer a free, open, and public API for developers. You can generate any number of API keys. You can also:

  • Give an API key a nickname

  • Delete an API key

  • See when an API key was last used

Generate API keys πŸ”‘

  • In your Givebutter dashboard, click on Account in the left-hand menu bar.

  • Click on the Integrations tab, and click API in the sub-menu.

  • On the Givebutter API window, click New API key.

  • Give the API key a name, and click Create.

  • In the popup window, copy the API Key that appears.

Important! Once generated, API keys are only shown once – they are hashed for improved security.

Edit or delete API keys ✏️

To edit or delete an API key, click the three dots [...] to the right side of the relevant API key. You can select to either edit or delete the API key.

edit or delete api key

FAQ πŸ€”

I have access to the dashboard, but I don't see the Integrations tab.

This is because you have editor status! You need to be an admin in order to access the Integrations tab. Please reach out to your account admin.

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