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How to integrate with Givebutter
How to integrate with Givebutter

Automatically sync donations and campaign data to your monday boards, with user-friendly dashboards, templates, and time-saving automations.

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Updated over a week ago fundraising provides ready-made workspaces that seamlessly connect with Givebutter donation forms, fundraising pages, events, and auctions. As donors contribute to your campaigns and their contact information is logged, your dashboards populate automatically, kickstarting any automations or workflows you’ve set up.

Before setting up this integration, you'll need to create a free account on is free for nonprofits for up to 10 seats, with a 70% discount on each additional seat. Learn more about nonprofit pricing β†’

Add Givebutter πŸ”—

Unlike many of our other integrations, this integration is initiated from within, rather than Givebutter. This is why you won't find in the Integrations section of your Givebutter account.

  • In, click the Apps icon in the upper right hand corner of the page.

apps icon
  • Click Explore app marketplace, and locate Givebutter in the search bar. Click Add to your account. Givebutter is a completely free app on

add to your account
  • Select which workspaces you would like to add Givebutter to, and click Install at the bottom of the page.

  • Choose whether you would like to start from a template (if you're new to, or add the app to your existing workspace (if you're an existing user).

Givebutter works best with the Fundraising and Donations template boards at this time.

Integration setup βš™οΈ

After adding the Givebutter app to the relevant workspace in monday, you'll be redirected to the Integrations Center. Click Add to board to add your first integration action.

add to board
  • When you add your first integration action to a specific board, you'll be prompted to authorize access to your Givebutter account. If you are a user on multiple Givebutter accounts, a dropdown list will display. Choose the Givebutter account you'd like to integrate, and click Authorize to approve the connection.

authorize givebutter connection
  • Next, you'll be prompted to set up your integration action. Click on item to configure how columns in your board will populate fields from Givebutter.

  • Configure the information that you would like to sync from Givebutter by clicking the blue + on the right side of each field option. (The options displayed will depend on which columns are included on this particular monday board.)

If any fields are left blank, those columns will be left blank when creates a new item for an incoming transaction. Fill out the fields to map transaction data correctly, and edit your board to add or omit fields as necessary.

  • Click Done when you are finished.

  • Click Add to board in the lower right corner.

  • This is now an active integration! When new transactions are made to your account, they will automatically sync as new items to your monday board.

Only donations made after the integration connection will be synced to Givebutter donations made before connecting will not be synced.

Edit an integration ✏️

It's likely that you will need to tweak your active integrations to organize your data effectively. You can edit, duplicate, view integration activity, or delete an integration action from your Board Integrations window.

  • Click Integrate on your board.

integrate button
  • You'll be brought to the Board Integrations popup window. To edit an existing integration action, click the three dots on the right side of the integration. You can select Edit, Duplicate, Activity, or Delete. (You can also toggle the integration off or on, without deleting it entirely.)

Integration ideas πŸ’‘

With fundraising, Givebutter users can:

  • Automatically record donations, ticket purchases, and campaign data.

  • Keep donor info synced across Givebutter and monday fundraising. You can add notes, update contact details, and see supporter history β€” changes will be reflected in both dashboards.

  • Create a customized workflow using ready-made templates for nonprofits. We recommend starting with monday fundraising templates for donor management!

  • Trigger various tasks as donations roll in.

  • Assign roles to each of your team members and set up notifications when it's time for them to jump into the workflow. resources 🌐

FAQ πŸ€”

Do I need to refresh monday to see new Givebutter data?

No – monday refreshes automatically as soon as new transactions come in! No need to refresh the page.

Will the integration sync past Givebutter transaction data into monday?

Unfortunately not. Only transactions that come in after the integration connection will be synced to monday.

Is monday free? Does this integration cost anything?

Having an account on monday is free for organizations for up to 10 seats, with a 70% discount on each additional seat. You can also take a look at monday's pricing for nonprofits. The Givebutter integration app in monday is completely free, and Givebutter is free to use as well.

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