In this article, we'll show you how to successfully host your YouTube livestream on Givebutter. 🎥

  1. Navigate to the EVENT tab of your campaign in the Dashboard.

  2. Scroll down to find the Livestream section.


  4. Select YouTube as the video platform.

  5. Enter your video URL.

screenshot of livestream page

Finding the URL

In YouTube Studio

In YouTube Studio, you can get a shareable version of the URL by selecting the three dots (...) and then clicking GET SHAREABLE LINK.

screenshot of youtube studio

In YouTube

When on a video's page, you can copy the URL directly from your browser's address bar. That URL will be in the format

Alternatively, you can use the SHARE button underneath the video to open a popup where you can copy a shareable link in the format Both of these formats are valid when inputting your livestream details.

screenshot of share icons


You can find the option to change your video's visibility settings in YouTube Studio under the CONTENT tab.

You'll want to make your video Unlisted or Public. If you want viewers to only watch through your Givebutter campaign page, it's recommended you make the video Unlisted. Make it Public if you don't mind viewers finding and watching it on YouTube directly.

screenshot of youtube video settings

If the video is private, the viewer will be unable to see the video.

screenshot of private video screen

Verify Visibility Settings

A neat trick to test and verify you have the appropriate visibility settings is to open a private window in your browser, paste in the video's URL, and navigate to it. If you are able to watch the video, you shouldn't run into issues.


I'm getting a "Playback on other websites has been disabled by the video owner" error from the embedded video.

This occurs when the video had its "Allow embedding" setting disabled. To re-enable embedding:

  • Go to the video's details page.

screenshot of youtube embedding options
  • Scroll to the bottom and click SHOW MORE.

  • Find and check "Allow embedding" and save your change.

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