In this article, we'll show you how to successfully host your Facebook livestream on Givebutter. 🎥

  1. Navigate to the EVENT tab of your campaign in the Dashboard.

  2. Scroll down to find the Livestream section.


  4. Select Facebook as the video platform.

  5. Enter your video URL.

screenshot of livestream page

Using Facebook Premiere

Facebook Premiere is a popular option for organizations with entirely pre-recorded videos.

Facebook Premiere allows users to schedule and debut videos as Live moments. A Premiere gives the illusion of a broadcast, and after the stream is complete, the video will be saved on your Givebutter campaign automatically, for a playback opportunity (when the livestream end time is left empty).

Pro Tip: Premieres have to be scheduled at least 10 minutes in advance. You won't be able to launch a Premiere immediately, so be sure to plan. Facebook pages can schedule more than one Premiere for the same time.

The Premiere feature is only available to those with a Facebook Page. Don't have a Facebook account? No problem, Facebook Pages are free for any business or organization to create; here are those directions.

Regarding notifications to your Facebook Page subscribers, viewers can click a button to subscribe to notifications on your Premiere. Subscribers receive their first notification 20 minutes before your Premiere begins.

Note: Givebutter does not send notifications regarding live events.

Step-by-step directions to schedule and embed a Facebook Premiere

  1. Navigate to the Facebook Creator Studio and click Create post from the Page you want your Premiere to broadcast from.

  2. Click Upload Video / Upload Multiple Video.

  3. Select the video(s) you wish to Premiere.

  4. Complete the steps of adding a title and description, click Next.

  5. Click Publishing Options, Select Premiere.

  6. Fill out the fields for Premiere Start Time.

  7. Click Schedule Premiere.

  8. Great, now you wait as the video buffers. Facebook will notify you when the process is complete.

  9. Navigate to the Facebook Creator Studio.

  10. Copy the Live Video URL and paste it into your Givebutter Dashboard by following these directions.

Pro Tip: Facebook recommends that once your Premiere is scheduled, do not edit the file. If you need to swap in an updated or fixed video, do so at least one hour in advance.

Using Facebook Live

Step-by-step directions to embed a Facebook Live

  1. Navigate to the Facebook Creator Studio or click Create post from the Page you want your Go Live to broadcast from.

  2. Click Go Live.

  3. Select whether you'd like to Go Live Now or Schedule a Live Video for the future.

  4. Follow the other prompts from Facebook.

  5. Copy the Live Video URL and paste it into your Givebutter Dashboard by following these directions.

Scheduling a live video will not generate a Live Video URL

Unfortunately, scheduling a live video with Facebook will not provide you with a Live Video URL until you actually go live. Because of this, you may:

  1. Schedule Facebook to go "live" 30-60 minutes before your event's start time, and display a placeholder image until the event begins. Once that Facebook live stream begins, you'll be able to take the link and add it to Givebutter using the above instructions ("Using Facebook Live") in the time immediately prior to your event starting.

  2. Simply wait until the scheduled time to go live and paste the Live Video URL into Givebutter immediately upon doing so.

If you'd like to test the ability to stream from Facebook, you can duplicate your campaign, make sure it is unpublished, and attempt the process there.

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