How unsubscribes work in Givebutter

Givebutter treats each Contact as an individual. When a Contact unsubscribes from your marketing emails, they opt out of all future marketing emails for your Account. Likewise, if they opt out of SMS messages, they are declining future text messages from your Givebutter Account. ✉️

Emails and SMS messages are considered two different communication lines. They can be subscribed/unsubscribed independently from each other.📵

The "unsubscribe" button in emails allows your Contacts to unsubscribe without the concern that they will be contacted again via that method. To unsubscribe from SMS messages, a Contact should reply "STOP" to their most recent message from you.

If a Contact who believes they opted out of contact from your Account continues to receive marketing messages, it can result in complaints that could put your account at risk for compliance issues.

To minimize unsubscribes, we recommend using Tags and Segments to manage targeted communications with your supporters. Tags and Segments help ensure that communication is relevant to a specific group of Contacts.

Pro Tip: If a Contact unsubscribes from your marketing emails, this will not impact your ability to email them directly or inhibit them from receiving transactional or system emails.

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