Where to access outbound message statistics

  • Click Engage in the left column of your Givebutter Dashboard.

  • From the Message History section on the page click Sent, and then the + icon for the email you'd like to see statistics for.

  • Detailed metrics for the email will appear below.

Interpreting outbound message statistics

Opened: Number and percentage of recipients who opened the message successfully.

Bounced: Number and percentage of recipients who the message could not reach because of an invalid email address or some other issue. Click View List under Recipients to see more.

Unsubscribed: Number and percentage of recipients who unsubscribed to your email messages using the "Unsubscribe here" option at the bottom of all email blasts.

Note: Use the Refresh button to see the latest statistics if the email blast was sent over 7 days ago. Statistics only refresh automatically for 7 days.

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